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Fortinbras – Starring Stephen Howard as Hamlet

Posted by Daniel on Monday, January 30, 2006

Front row: Raymond Shinn (Horatio)-Tiffany Lee (Ophelia)-Doogin Brown (Fortinbras)
Ken LaTessa (Laertes)-Pam Haskin (Gertrude)-Mike Haskin (Claudius)

Back row: Roger May (Osric)-Stephen Howard (Hamlet)-Dennis T Frye (Polonius)

Joshua Solito (Captain)-Dean Kinsey (Barnardo)-Mandy Lagoski (Polish Maiden #2)
Joe Whalen (Marcellus)-Kat Dunham (Polish Maiden #1)

Well, Steve’s play (he was the STAR – Hamlet – …not the writer), “Fortinbras” has ended it’s three week run to raving reviews. I’ve read the critics’ reviews in all of the local newspapers and they all loved it. I’m always very proud of his work, as is his Director (Art Suskin) obviously, as Art tends to call upon Steve first for casting each time he directs a new play. I would say “Encore Sweety”, but I live with you, and I always get more…(hehe).


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  1. Hey Daniel! My sister has a blogspot. You haven’t met her, but her blog is incase you’re interested 🙂 I have one too, but it’s on and I don’t post very often. ( Anyway, just wanted to say hello, and down with sleep numbers!!

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