The Tempest

Not Exactly Shooting For \”Miss Congeniality\”

State Of Delusion

Posted by Daniel on Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Have you ever stared into a goldfish bowl or aquarium? First they swim right. Then they swim left. Sometimes a stray Angelfish will try to sort of come towards you, but the others are quick to set it back on the left or right path. Ellen Degeneres really had a good point about this in some of her early standup.

I really think that’s how the world has been seeing America lately. They know how boorish we’ve become, yet they just keep staring because they know something “fishy” will happen again, so they are compelled to continue staring. Occasionally it’s a tad boring and they nod off, but the fish just keep swimming back and forth. Nothing new ever happens. The occasional dangly-poop gives people a chance to make it interesting. “How long will it get before it falls off? And where will it land?”

Lately, our fish have been swimming so far to the right, they can only swim in circles. They have chosen a leader, of sorts. It’s always that one fish that has this really oddly stupid face and the most bland coloring. His fins look as if they’ve had a bite or two taken out of them. He leads in a way that makes us think he’s lost. Thinks that castle actually has a door he can swim through. Those who follow him do so with, shall we say, a hint of hesitation, because they know he’ll fuck up and swim right into the glass again. And you can’t make them do that again after the 1000th time. They still think they’re too smart for that. But those who are watching are saying, “Hey, you idiots chose that moron for your leader!”

Tonight, that stupid leader fish – I think it’s a blowfish – will try to “lead” the rest of the aquarium world on with the same moronic dangling line of poop. I’m so tired of the fish blindly swimming to the right. Oh well, soon it will be time to clean out the aquarium. I can’t wait to hear the toilet flush that day!!


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