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NBC Makes Steamed Wingnuts…mmm Delicious!

Posted by Daniel on Friday, February 3, 2006

Cross posted at DailyKos

Yesterday my life partner was spit on. Literally. In the parking lot of our local Wal Mart (who, while responsible for a lot of things, I don’t hold responsible for the animal behavior of some of their patrons) an older woman, for reasons known only to her twisted mind, decided it was well within decent bounds to directly spit on another human being and call him “Sodomite”.

In the wake of Tempest’s (my partner’s) experience with expectorant faux-Christian and her self-righteous judgement upon him, it was heartening to see NBC’s Thursday night line up give a one-two-three-four smack down of Wingnuttery.

Starting with “Will and Grace”, I gave a “Hell yeah” out loud when Will actually got to kiss hunky Taye Diggs’ character, James—and not a peck on the cheek, either. It was a full blown, steam generating, heart palpitating smacker. Of course man-on-man smooching is not all that novel, but in my opinion, W&G has tepidly tiptoed around actual contact between Will and his love interests for much too long. And of course, anything that makes the Wingnuts go Nuts makes my heart smile.

This was followed by “Four Kings”, which I will say I was not initially all that impressed with in it’s debut, but it has started to grow on me (somewhat). And last night, they spun a story that I found delightful delicious– when Seth Green’s Barry stumbles upon Todd Grinnell’s Jason appearing to have an intimate, romantic dinner with a guy, he informs the other roomies who believe their long time friend has a secret he’s never shared. Oh, he has a secret alright, but it’s not that he’s gay—he’s a Republican. Not only a Republican, but working for the opposing candidate to the one hard core Democrat Ben (Josh Cook) is working for. Again, in the wake of our own personal events that day, watching Jason feel outcast and persecuted for being Republican had me reaching for the spoon so I didn’t miss one drop.

Next up, “My Name is Earl”–this show on the surface could appear to be acceptable to the fringe of the tip of the right wing–a man redeeming himself by righting the wrongs he has committed. Only Earl doesn’t always go about it in the most conventional or even wholesome manner, and his array of friends and family who help him aren’t exactly what you would call the tops of the Moral A-List. Not only does the show poke fun at every class and creed, last night’s show had Jamie Pressly’s Joy helping Earl and Randy save a suicidal man by stepping out on her husband to go out on a date with the poor guy. Holy sanctity of marriage, Batman!!! Throw in scenes involving stalking and stealing…set to a medium boil…voila! Steamed Wingnuts!

By the time “The Office” came on, with it’s weekly turn-the-corporate-world-on-it’s-head send ups, I was in heaven. It didn’t matter that neither “Earl” or “The Office” had a gay theme, for they joined in on the enterprise of “steaming the Wingnuts.”

My email is being composed as soon as I am done with this diary. Since undoubtedly those same wingnuts are crying about how their faith is being defiled by the programming of NBC, they will surely appreciate an approving word. And in steaming anything, no cook would deny it can’t hurt to have a little karmic balance.


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