The Tempest

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Unscheduled Outages

Posted by Daniel on Monday, February 6, 2006

Well, what a fun weekend. (he said sarcastically…sort of) First we lost our internet access. Thinking it was SBC’s tech thing, we just let that go until it came back on. Then our upstairs phones went out. Okay, there has to be something wrong with the phone jack. (hey Scotty, remember all that crap we went through trying to FIND the right jack? Yeah, it’s the same one. UGH!!)

While that is going on, I need to work on my laptop for Homeowners Association projects (I’m the President). You know how sucky the keyboards on laptops are to work with. So Scotty tells me about this fun little gadget called a KVM Switch, which as I’m sure you all know, allows you to use multiple computers with only one monitor, keyboard and mouse. Very handy!! Let me give you my critique of the KVM…My nipples could cut glass, I’m so excited. I highly reccommend this gadget to all those who use both a PC and a laptop in the same home office.

As for the SBC/DSL situation, a little earlier this morning, my office phone just “comes on” without warning. So I checked Revels’ PC to see if he had internet access. He does. But I still don’t. Thank the celestial muffin my laptop found a network to play nice with. This is why there was no blog activity this past weekend. I’m hoping, after the SBC technician visits here today, things will be back online.

Until then, bear with us.


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