The Tempest

Not Exactly Shooting For \”Miss Congeniality\”


Posted by Daniel on Monday, February 13, 2006

In case you noticed and were wondering, there are a few additions made to the right-side panel I made over the weekend. One includes the coolest international counter – which, at the moment, happens to be suffering a technical glitch at it’s ISP. It should be back up and running soon.

Also, Steve spent about 80% of yesterday (Sunday) trying to download music to burn onto CD’s. He, of course, wanted to pay for the downloads…so back off FCC!! After repeated tries and crappy software downloads, he learned that none of the sites plays nice with Linux. (we don’t use Windows on our computers) He did manage to download songs (and paid 99 cents each for them) onto the laptop (which DOES use Windows) and we were very proud of that little feat. However, it was THEN that I realized that my CD burner is on my PC, not the laptop. Will this ghoolish nightmare never end??

If anyone knows a way I could transfer the music from a laptop using Windows to a PC operating on Linux, please let me know.

I did get one little thrill out of yesterday’s trials and tribulations, however…I saw there was a song called “Crazy Bitch” that just kept popping up every time we went to qa new page. That about summed the day up for me.


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