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Hey, it’s still our party…

Posted by Daniel on Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Earlier today I was yucking it up with a friend who, suprise, is a card-carrying Republican. (see how open-minded I am?) We get along because we both see eye to eye on so many things, except politics, religion, civil rights, guns (except accidentally shooting friends, we’re both totally against that), the right to choose and foreign affairs. Okay, so we don’t exactly agree on everything. But he has the same catty sense of humor as I do, and no one who laughs like he does can be all bad.Somehow our conversation turned to politics – freaky, huh? – and during a rare serious moment, he asked, “If you’re so sick of the Democratic party, then why are you still calling yourself a Democrat? Why not be a Libertarian or Green Party member?” It’s an awkward feeling when in the presence of a Republican who makes sense. After pondering the question for all of one-billionth of a nanosecond, my response went something like this:

Well, it isn’t that I’m sick of being a Democrat. I love my party and what it used to stand for. Back when members of my party had backbones and wouldn’t dream of selling out their ideals for a few extra votes. I realize politics – these days – means selling out on many issues so as not to piss off the “base” or a religious sect. But there is no honor in saying you’re for/against something when you truly aren’t.

Republicans have it right when they say, “Democrats have no spine and no clear agenda.” . My party allowed itself to get whipped in every way imaginable. A few defeats and setbacks during elections and they cow down to opinion polls. They sway right or left, depending on which direction the social/political winds are blowing. It’s sickening and it’s shameful.

My opinion is, if you’re for Civil Unions, say it loud and clear. If you’re for stem cell reasearch, stand up for it. If you think your party leaders are assholes and are only out for Republican blood, regardless of what ideals they throw out the window, TELL THEM!! Of course that doesn’t sound very subtle, but what has subtlety gotten us lately, other than an ass-kicking? You can’t say you’re against election fraud if you’re going to get elected and then sell out to the first lobbyist that slithers into your office. If you even THINK you’re going to screw up and forget the ideals of those who voted you in, STAY OUT!!

Democrats need to stop being the school yard political pussies getting the snot beaten out of them for their political lunch money. Every Republican knows Hillary is completely capable of running for – and possible winning – President. Hillary, if you can hear me, listen to me. If you’re going to run for that office, SAY IT!! Stop waiting until the last second just to avoid the media and Republican smear campaign. You know it’s coming, so stop pulling the electoral band aid off one hair at a time. Get out there and start showing what you’re TRULY made of and what you REALLY stand for. I can’t stand to hear one more “middle-of-the-road” soundbite coming out of your mouth.

Same goes to the rest of those in my party. You’re all so afraid of pissing people off that you’re just comfy cozy being politically correct and wishy washy. John Kerry, that’s why you were bitch-slapped by Bush and his crew. They KNEW you are a war hero, but they also knew there were so many in their party who didn’t know shit about you. It was a perfect set up…make Kerry out to be a flip-flopping coward. Did you learn nothing from what they did to John McCain?? You idiot! You were so busy covering your ass in being Mr. Niceguy that you let them screw you with a sandpaper condom. Nice going. Way to go.

Here’s another example of the Democratic party going nuts. An Iraq War Vet named Paul Hackett ends his bid for the U.S. Senate because Howard Dean and others in the party thought he wasn’t “seasoned” enough. What the hell? What’s he supposed to be, a fresh candidate that could help air out the musty smell of entrenched politicians? Or a meatloaf? It’s embarrassing. It really is.

That was the rant I gave my friend before answering his question (does that sound like a Democrat or what?). Now, for my answer.

I will alway be a proud member of the Democratic Party. That doesn’t mean I’m even remotely proud of those IN my party. Especially those at the top. I don’t need to change parties. Instead, I think it’s time to change those who are leading it into the ground.

Howard Dean…You’ve got a loud voice, but you’re a joke and it’s time to shut you up.
Hillary Clinton…Piss or get off the pot.
Bill Clinton…I miss you.
Senate Democratic Leader: Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)…Grow a pair.
House Democratic Leader: Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)…Love you, but grow a pair, also.
DGA Chairman: New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson…Run for Senate.
DSCC Chairman: Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY)…When Hillary calls you, say YES!

Look folks, just because our party symbol is a donkey, stop acting like a bunch of asses. I want my party back. Remember, you can’t vote me out…however I CAN vote YOU out.


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