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Living In A House Of Cards

Posted by Daniel on Thursday, February 23, 2006

What must it be like in W’s shoes these days? I’ve been asking myself a lot about what’s going through his head regarding current affairs. Surely he can’t think everything is still “okie dokie-hunky dory”.There looks to be the beginnings of a civil war in Iraq, and who didn’t see that coming? Famine and war in Darfur. Half of his base in Washington either under indictment or investigation for…well…you name it. New Orleans is planning to keep out “all the right people” in it’s reconstruction efforts. (basically, if you don’t have a job, you can’t come back)(what a crock!!!) The borders are so porous they might as well just put up screen doors as barriers. Our ports are about to be run by a country that, at BEST, can only slap the wrists of terrorists. Iran and North Korea want to play with enriched uranium and make oversized bottle-rockets of death. Scooter Libby is still leaking like a siv, and Abramoff is going to squeal like a newbie whose dropped the soap in front of Bubba in the shower at the Federal Prison!!

The list just goes on and on. It makes one wonder wether Bush is A) lost in his own mental ‘happy place’, or B) such a lame duck that those Republicans in Congress who are up for re-election can write off entirely those coat tails. I firmly believe it’s option “B”. Bush just doesn’t care about pissing off either his base or those in Congress because he has, at this point, nothing left to lose but his so-called Presidential legacy. To which nothing short of a cure for cancer, cars that run on chocolate AND actually walking on water are, at this point, his only hope.

Of course, he still hasn’t publicly endorsed his would-be successor for a White House bid, and why should he? Either he hasn’t yet picked a favorite, or right now the threat of his possible VETO being overturned by a Republican Congress has just made him say, “Ya’ know what, Anal Dwelling Butt Monkey…”, (Rove), “…screw all them assholes. They can all eat shit before I give ’em the benefit of my nuculur politikul savory…ah mean saavvy. Ah hell, let’s jest go shute sumem!”

Poor Laura. I guess she must know what it’s like to marry one of her students.

So, where will all of this end? Stay tuned. Something tells me he’s going to have a VERY interesting March.


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