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Balls the Size of…something really ENORMOUS

Posted by Daniel on Wednesday, March 1, 2006

I just came home to find I had received a mailing from the Republican National Committee. I have not opened it, nor do I intend to. What Tempest does with it, which will at the very least assure they pay return postage, will be fine with me.

The f–king balls of these people. We have endured 5+ years of the most corrupt, idiotic, mind-blowingly flabbergasting junta-regime, day after day steeping themselves, and by association us, deeper in corruption, decay, and crapola. And they write to me??? A lifelong registered Democrat (which along with my underwear choices and how I drink my coffee I was sure their NSA spyware had already tuned into) who wants nothing to do AT ALL with them?

How they distance themselves (if they indeed do) from their crazed MonkeyBoy Emperor, I could care less. I’m barely “on speaking terms” with my own party, for the maple-syrup in January responses/reactions to each new debacle, and yes, I am including DPW. But that’s another subject for another day.

I had one nerve left when I got up this morning, and of all the idiotic groups to get on it, I get the RNC.

You know what guys? I suggest you all go on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney. ASAP.


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