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Read the letter Steve got from the RNC

Posted by Daniel on Wednesday, March 1, 2006

(retyped here comments are in blue)

Dear Mr. Howard,

I must alert you to an urgent matter – At this very moment, a fierce battle is being waged for America’s heart and soul.

And – the decision you make in the next few moments could determine the outcome.

Let me explain:

On November 2, 2004, President Bush and our Republican candidates scored a sweeping and historic victory.

With over 62 million votes, (actually, it was 60,693,281) President Bush earned the largest vote total of any presidential candidate in American history. He helped EXPAND our Republican majorities in both the U.S. Senate and U. S. House, while making key gains at the state and local levels.

(okay, I have to go throw up from reading this crap…ugh…done…back to the letter)

There can be no doubt: America has spoken…and her trust and confidence in President Bush is crystal clear.

And it’s no suprise, Mr. Howard…

Since taking office in 2001, President bush has transformed our party, our country, and our world. He has passed two of the LARGEST TAX CUTS in history, and passed a historic Medicare prescription drug bill.

In addition, President Bush has signed into law the most important education reform in a generation, transformed the federal government to protect our homeland AND led our nation courageously in the War on Terrorism.

But despite these tremendous accomplishments – the fight for America’s future is far from over.

In fact the real battle is just beginning…

You see, the liberals are retrenching. And now they are hungrier than ever to undermine President Bush and his agenda for a better, safer, more prosperous America.

Mr. Howard, that’s why I’m asking you to STAND up for America’s future by becoming a Sustaining Member of the Republican National Committee (RNC) today. Your pledge of support, WITH A MEMBERSHIP CONTRIBUTION OF $100, $50, $35 or $25 will help President Bush enact his agenda for a stronger, safer and better America.

As A Sustaining Member, you’ll be entitled to a number of benefits which I’ll describe to you in a moment.

But more important – you’ll feel a strong sense of personal pride knowing that you’re part of the team fighting for a better future for all Americans.

(Jeeze!! I feel so DIRTY even transcribing this pile of garbage!!! By the way, all of the bold, caps and other emphasis is exactly how it appears in the letter.)

While President Bush achieved much in his first term, he has a clear, positive vision for our country’s future. He is determined that every American has the opportunityfor a prosperous, safe, and hopeful tomorrow.

(except for gays, non-Christians, people who never rode the “short bus”, tree-huggers, feminists, pro-choice, anti-war, free thinkers)

But to fulfill the vision, we must ALL continue to fight.

And – as a Sustaining Member of the RNC you’ll be doing your part to help President Bush further his agenda to strengthen the economy, secure our Homeland, safeguard Social Security, modernize healthcare, and win the War on Terrorism.

Make no mistake: Now is the time to build, and the decision you must make is simply this:

Will you stand up NOW and FIGHT for the future of America?

(you know…the way Bush “fought” for America during the Vietnam war)

Mr. Howard, I hope your answer is YES – and that you’ll join the RNC as a Sustaining Member today.

Your show of support and generous membership donation of $100, $50, $35 or $25 will be a strongstatement of personal support – and a pledge of commitment to the future of our country.

By standing up and joining the RNC today, you’ll be doing your part to fight for opportunity: Opportunity for yourself, and opportunity for every American.

President Bush has a bright, bold vision – one of unity, and common purpose which draws strength from the timeless American principles of empowerment, independence, individual liberty, and free enterprise.

(but I’m sure they’ll keep using gays as their pet wedge issue!!)

He wants Americans to be able to chart your own course in life, empowered to take your own risks and succeed, rather than be caught in a web of government dependence.

He wants every child – regardless of the color of their skin, regardless of their house of worship, regardless of whether they live on a small farm or in a big city – to have the opportunity to succeed.


And now, they’re more determined than ever to take TOTAL CONTROL of the federal government in 2006 and beyond!

Make no mistake: The liberals will stop at nothing to undermine President Bush and his agenda for a better America.

That is why I must have your support today!

Please take a moment – RIGHT NOW – to return the enclosed RNC Membership Acceptance Reply. Your pledge of support, along with a generous membership donation of $100, $50, $35 or $25 will help President Bush further his agenda to:

* Expand the Economy
* Secure our Homeland
* Appoint judges who won’t legislate from the bench
* Safeguard Social Security
* Modernize Healthcare
* Win the War on Terrorism
* Build a stronger, safer, and better America

I think you’d agree that these are things worth fighting for. And we can make them happen – with your support.

Will you join our winning team today?

Your decision to become a Member of the RNC today entitles you to a number of benefits. By joining the RNC with a membership donation of $100, $50, $35 or $25, you will receive:

* A complimentary subscription to Rising Tide, the RNC’s quarterly magazine of political news and commentary.
* Access to the RNC’s toll-free Members Hotline for your questions and comments, and access to a special website created especially for Sustaining Members so you can find the latest breaking GOP news.
* A personalized RNC Membership Card and a lapel pin to recognize your generous commitment to our Party and country.
* Access to exclusive “members-only-chats” and events hosted by the Republican National Committee’s website –

The greatest benefit of membership, however, is the knowledge that you’ve taken a stand – that you’re part of the team fighting for a better future for all Americans.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: There is a fierce battle being waged at this very moment for the heart and soul of America. Your involvement is VITAL to the future of our country, and we need you on the Republican team today!

The decision you make right now to become a Sustaining Member of the RNC could alter the shape of America for years to come.

(ain’t THAT the truth?!)(the ONLY truthful statement in this entire letter!!)

I hope you’ll follow your heart. I hope you’ll join us now!

Ken Mehlman
Republican National Committee

P.S. Your decision in the next few moments could impact the shape of America for years to come. Please join the RNC as a Sustaining Member and stand up for America today.

P.P.S. While many folks make donations of $50, $100, or even $1000 to support the RNC, your generous contribution of just $25 today will go a long way to help President Bush further his agenda for a stronger, safer, and better America. Thank you!

I hope you’ll forward this piece of RNC poop on to your liberal friends… so everyone can see just what whiney begging freaks the RNC and Ken Mehlman really are. Do you see how many times they ask for – and highlight – donations? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to take a shower to get the funk of Mehlman off of me. By the way, I’m sending all the crap that came in that envelope – including the envelope – back to that pasty-faced brown noser…along with a few Kerry-Edwards bumper stickers and a “Nothing Accomplished” bumper sticker, as well as some “notations” on the actual letter. All of this in their pre-paid donation envelope. Let those assholes pay the postage!!


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