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Hail To The Chief

Posted by Daniel on Monday, March 13, 2006

These are the times I wish we had a digital camera. You know, for that instant gratification effect.For those of you who hadn’t seen on the news, our area (Kansas City Metro) was bitch-slapped repeatedly by a series of storms throughout the day and into the evening. You name it…we got it. Tornadoes. Wind. Rain. Hail.

Now, the tornadoes missed our immediate area (Blue Springs), though they were just to our north and south. The winds were gusting in excess of 60+ mph for most of the day. Of course, we got rain, and lots of it. 2 1/2 inches by our rain meter. But the worst of it came last night around 7-ish.

We were hearing the hail hitting the roof. It’s not a sound you mistake. Of course, we were looking out the window at the hail, as I park my truck outside in the driveway…I’m such a good and thoughtful husband. It wasn’t long before we noticed the banging on the roof was getting louder and more scary. Looking outside, we was what looked like golf balls hitting everywhere…including Brian (the name I gave my truck when I bought it)(don’t ask me why…I don’t remember). I just knew we were going to see my windshield blown out by an icy meteor. Fortunately, I’d recently had it replaced (thanks to some asshole hauling rocks on the freeway losing his load) with a better glass, so there was no damage there. There are, however, “dimples” all over the hood. Figures. I managed to save some of the hail stones in our garage freezer…don’t ask me why. Just seemed like the thing to do at the time, since we couldn’t break out the digital camera we don’t have.

Now, as the current President of our Homeowners Association (my second term), I’m supposed to scan the area after a storm like that to account for any damages to the subdivision. Not that I had to go too far, as the calls and emails were pouring in all day today. “There are broken branches in my yard.” “Can you come check my roof for damage?” (what the hell am I, Triple A??) “There are dead birds and squirrels in my yard…can you come take a look?” (I did. I just looked and said, “Yup, they’re dead alright.” Then left.)(that’s a CITY thing…)(I felt so FEMA…hehe)


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