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(One of) The Stepchild Abuses of The Tyrant George Bush

Posted by Daniel on Saturday, March 18, 2006

There are so very many things George Bush disrespects: the Constitution, the American soldier, the middle class, the role of the Congress and the Courts in the whole separation of powers setup, the rights of Minorities, the rights of Women, the rights of Gay Americans (and any combination of Gay, Minority, and Women), Freedom of (and from) religion, it’s easy to forget some of the “stepchildren abuses” of the Dubya. Yes, this petulant, stubborn, caught in a web of his own infallible image (maybe I should refer to him as Pope George?) child-man has trampled over so many causes important to the American people, and the world’s people, we can forget one of his favorite things to abuse–the Environment.

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So whenever he gets his hand slapped with the judicial ruler, I think it’s worth making a note of it. Today’s New York Times article tells us the court told Georgie “Oh no you did-unt!” as far as easing the requirements for factories on harmful emissions to the environment. Especially tasty to yours truly was the fact that one of the Brat’s favorites, Janice Rogers Brown, joined Clinton appointees Judith W Rogers and David Tatel in the decision.Somebody needs to loan B-munch some political capital, because his account is severely overdrawn. Trouble is, who amongst his diabolical cabal can he turn to anymore for that kind of a loan?

I guess he could have Dick just start a-shootin!


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