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Profiles in Blog Love

Posted by Daniel on Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I will now confess…Tempest has made me love blogs. Now, I still laughed when Bill Maher said on “Real Time” the other night, (and I paraphrase) “If I wanted to know every whiny thought that came out of your brain, I’d read your blog”. Bill is funny. Kind of a pig at times, but a funny pig. And it’s not like I haven’t been blogging for sometime, (November 2004 to be exact) just in what I lovingly call the “Big Pond”, The DailyKos where I am known (well, to a few anyway) as Revel. There is a wonderful regular diary called “Cheers and Jeers” on there that I frequent when I can. A great mix of humor, politics, and “pootie pictures”. But I digress (what a shock…)

Tempest emailed me day before yesterday that Best Gay Blogs had asked him for an interview and had sent a list of questions. Oh, and apparently “The Tempest” had already garnered something of a following. I of course thought this was a clever ploy, most likely concocted by our friend Ray, who would just be witchy enough to create a faux “Best Gay Blogs” to tease Tempest with.

Well, turns out, as you all already knew for sure, BGB is in fact a real blog, or kind of a menagerie of wonderful blogs, while also being a great blog in it’s own right. (No, I am not just blowing smoke up the blog-ass, I really thought it was tremendous. Our people are a creative and glorious people!) And in their “In Depth” section, I read the most recent (at least as far as I could tell) interview, with Atari of The Lost Find. This is good reading, and I can say as an authority on good looking guys (having married one myself) he is choice. And, a good writer. His gives voice to an angst-tinged humor that I WISH I had had the talent for a few years ago, when I experienced similar foibles of gaydom. I have a limited number of blog favorites (so far), and that list just grew by two.

So okay. Maybe one day Bill Maher will read a bunch of our whiny thoughts and get a chuckle or two. Or not, whatever. If a couple of you get a grin or two, or are intrigued by a rant political or social, I say, to quote the PetShopBoys, “It’s Alright.”

Cheers to you!
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A special P.S. to Rita Cosby of MSNBC…thanks to you girl, my zero to TV mute is down to 0.4 seconds, A NEW RECORD!!! YEAH!!!!


One Response to “Profiles in Blog Love”

  1. Spencer said

    i laughed when bill said that!… and i’d rather chew ground glass than listen to rita cosby’s horrifying voice… omg… it’s like a straining camel bordering on strangulation…. i can’t stand it.

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