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A Queer Thing Happened To Me On The Way To The Office…

Posted by Daniel on Friday, March 24, 2006

Isn’t it funny how, when you least expect it, a simple project turns into an unstoppable train?

My friend Scotty put it nicely when he referred to it as a sort of mind-in-motion therapy. (side-effects of certain medications I take tend to keep my body lethargic 24/7)
I would get home from work at my regular job, then spend an hour or so online doing work for our homeowners association, an hour watching the news, then upstairs to the “nap” room for a quick nap, which usually lasted until the next morning. I so wanted to enjoy a bit more of life, so I decided to find something online.

I do tend to get a lot of my news online and this has included “Blogs” for about a year. I noticed a lot of my old friends (meaning I’ve known you guys a long time…NOT that you’re old!!) abroad were blogging and asking why I don’t have a blog yet? Hmmm…Could this be the stay-awake therapy I needed? Damnit. I’ll do it!! But which one to pick? Not having any experience with such things, I sure as hell wasn’t going to pay for a blog – until I was proficient enought, at least, to know what I was doing.

So, I began my first blog, The Tempest, as sort of a way of focusing my mind on something other than sleeping every second I could whenever I was at home. I chose “Blogger” simply because that is where so many of my pals in Australia seem to be. By the way Natalie, Gerald, Trevor, Ian and Stewart…you guys failed to tell me that the more photos I added, the slower The Tempest would load. Silly Buggers!!

This blog has four contributing members, myself; my love poodle Steve (Revel); Scotty and his love lump Ray (who, judging by his profile name, is still working on being creative – Way to commit, Ray!!)

I’ve had a great time posting to my blog, as well as having people actually send me “buttons” to add (after I’ve scanned them for internet yeast infections, that is) as well as other cool “thingies”. Now, Blogger has had it’s share of…um…how shall I put it?…non-stop technical fuck-ups for the past month that has caused my blog to load slower, but I’m a realist and I know you get what you pay for. And since Blogger is free…viola!!

Well, the tech problems have been a pain in my ass for too long now, so I decided to (wait for it…) start another blog…(wait for it…)…on Blogger. Because I just love kicking my own ass. You’re either already here, or you can get to it here.

I think I’m really starting to get the hang of this HTML-thing. (before my foray into blogging, I thought HTML stood for Had Too Much Lunch)

Anyway, while I have received a lot of emails – both from friends and a lot of perfect strangers – complimenting the blog(s) (and I really appreciate the raves), it wasn’t until I received an interview email from Best Gay Blogs that I really took notice. Okay… there have been quite a few “busy bodies” asking, “Hey, where’s the porn??!!” Girlfriend, if you can’t find gay porn online, you’re using the wrong “digit” to type in the search field.

By the way, not all gay blogs revolve around porn, in case you didn’t know, and I am a big fan of those with great writing and humor. A shout out to Atari, 1 In 10, and Queerty.

I filled out the “interview” questions but only half-assed because I thought, “Why should I waste good humor on what could turn out to be some bogus shit? Oh hell, I’ll just keep it short and sweet.” Big mistake. The interview has just been posted on their site this morning (read it here…or don’t). Fuck!! I could have been my witty self?! Oh well. You know, it’s just as well. This way you know it can only get more entertaining (really, it’s not like it could get any less entertaining!)

Long story short (shutthefuckup!!), after seeing the interview (dull…dull…dull!!), at least I can take comfort in knowing someone is out there taking notice. And being a featured interview posting is still a compliment. Thanks to BGB for making the act of staying out of the “nap” room my affirmation. I just may like this staying-awake-to-work-on-the-blog-thing…I’ll probably be more sure of that after a good nap.


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