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Post from Scott

Posted by Daniel on Sunday, March 26, 2006

For those that don’t know…I don’t drive to the office as I am afforded the opportunity to work from home. This means that I put about 6000 miles per year on a car and don’t have to endure the displeasure of dealing with other dirvers very often.

However, today alone I put 200 miles on my car assisting a friend and attend a 1st year birthday for my nephew 60 miles from home. It only took this one day for me to realize how blessed I am.

I feel that EVERY drive should be tested annually and if a single question is not answered correctly the license will not be renewed for a minimum of 30 days.

Let’s start with “No Turn on Red”. Please help me understand what is not clear about this posting. Daniel (The Tempest) and Steve live near an intersection where this is clearly posted in 3 places yet every time I am at this intersection someone turns right on red just when I’m attempting a fully legal u-turn (on the light).

The other biggie is “Lane Ends, Merge Left”. To so many this must mean “those in the left lane must merge to the right”. I know, I know…this seems like I’m making this up but you wouldn’t believe how many people dart into the right lane because all they see is “lane ends – left…or left lane ends” with the word “merge” completely ignored.

Minor issues are tale-gaters, no-notification lane changers, and speed-limit drivers in the passing lane when the outside is completely clear (which leads to passing on the right).

Okay, now don’t think I’m some type of perfect driver. I zip along the interstate normally around 90 MPH (in a posted 70 MPH zone) when I’m alone in the car. But, I truly feel that 90 MPH isn’t the posted speed limit because of the people who can’t understand simple English. If you are confident, comfortable, paying attention, and following posted signs there would be no reason for any form of posted speed limit and much less accidents.

Germany can do it, why can’t we?


One Response to “Post from Scott”

  1. Spencer said

    you’re a good uncle.

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