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Posted By Tempest – Cyber Drama

Posted by Daniel on Thursday, March 30, 2006

It never fails, really. No matter where you are or what you do, there are always people in both the real world as well as the cyber world (internet) who are just waiting to poo-poo you. You can be having a lovely discussion with interesting people about (what you all think are) interesting things. BANG! Enter the Poo-Poo Artist. Always ready to piss in your Post Toasties the minute you start pouring.

Now, let me explain my definition of the Poo-Poo Artist. This is someone who’s own life lacks direction, meaning, interest or the pills to make the voices in their heads shut up. These people see or hear a conversation going on, linger just within earshot and then inject doom, gloom and drama into it. Usually without having been invited. For example:

Normal Person: “Isn’t the sky a lovely shade of blue today?”
Poo-Poo Artist: “You shouldn’t be so happy, there’s an ozone alert today.”

Normal Person: “Hey, let’s all meet at that Italian place for lunch!”
Poo-Poo Artist: “Why do fat people always eat Italian?”

Normal Person: “Hi. I love your blog and your taste in music.”
Poo-Poo Artist: “I love music, but I hate you.”

Why do these drama queens always think they have a standing invitation to lob shit grenades into the comments section of blogs? I used to feel sorry for those poor bastards…but that time has passed!! Are you listening “Billy”?? I don’t care if you post shitty comments about how much you hate me…I can erase your comments just that quick. Go ahead, send me another hateful email because I won’t respond to your emails. Know why I haven’t responded? Because I deleted the original and blocked you from my email. You don’t know me, Princess…Let’s keep it that way!

It’s just as much my fault, I suppose. I fell into the age-old trap of commenting on a comment. True, my intentions were good as I was coming to the aid of someone else. Championing their cause, as it were. I noticed that a nice blogger was getting the attention of what I can only describe at the Poo-Poo Artist Posterchild. The words from this “anonymous” person turned hateful. So, being the tightly-wound spring that I am in cases like this, I pounced. Big mistake.

Sure, I could have just left it alone, but that asshole impugned my spelling (Landsbury – Lansbury…whatever!!!), and the Italian in me said, “Oh no she didn’t! It’s on!!” Never again. I saw, once again, that this type of exchange hurts everyone…especially those whom you hope to protect. So, you are left doing what everyone else has already learned…just ignore them. And that’s what I intend to do. I will be the bigger person here.

(hands over my ears) “I can’t hear you, Billy…La – La – La – La – La…..”

It’s like having a battle of wits with an unarmed person. And all you’re left with is Poo-Poo on your shoe.


2 Responses to “Posted By Tempest – Cyber Drama”

  1. atari_age said

    Sorry that happened, but I did appreciate the thought. Thanks, man.

  2. Mr. Secret said

    Freakazoid has been plaguing many of us for over 1/2 a year (Nov. 2005 for me… for others, a lot longer)… Ignoring him works wonders. Just make sure you continue it and don’t respond ever. Cuz once you respond (like some of us did), you’re screwed in a big bad way.

    Yer a good guy, Tempest, to speak up… Unfortunately it’s not always a good guy who responds. And that Freakazoid? Ai-yi-yi.

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