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Jesus loves the little children…

Posted by Daniel on Monday, April 3, 2006

…Even if it is the children of the corn!!!
Children of the Corn Jr. High

I’d really like to know what it is about religion that makes people act the way they do. They spout thier beliefs (which I do not knock, by the way…I respect spirituality but have a problem with religious hate, intolerance and hypocrisy). Take the example below:

“Revel” and I were on our way to do some shopping yesterday, when we came to stop at a red light. While we were in the lane to go forward through the light, the lane to our right was a “No Right Turn On Red”. There was a vehicle there, when an SUV full of God’s People pulled up behind them. (we had just seen them pull out of the nearby church, on their way to an after-sermon buffet at the Hungry Heifer…or something spiritual like that)

As we all waited for the light to turn green, the people in the Holy Grail SUV began honking repeatedly at the vehicle in front of them. Obviously their eyes were still sore from spending an hour reading tiny print, then squinting from prayers of guilt, because there was a very distinctive sign that read, NO RIGHT TURN ON RED, and this should have shown the SUV (Skewed Up Values) folks why there were being made to actually wait at the light…like the rest of us sinners. But no, the honking just continued.

So, my sweety and I couldn’t help but surmise that while actually in church, these folks act like nice christians, but the minute services are over and they pile into their chariots, all bets are off. So much for “Patience is a virtue”. The picture (above) is what…another example of “Love Thy Neighbor”? And what about the “Pro-Life folks who are also vehemently behind the death peanalty?

Please explain these so-called virtues to me. Because I firmly believe these are examples of why this planet – or, at the very least, our species – is destined for extinction. There is nothing more destructive than taking a really good idea and turning it into a religion.


One Response to “Jesus loves the little children…”

  1. Scott said

    I know the intersection all to well…this is the one mentioned in my earlier post. But you bring up a very good point as to who the biggest abusers may be.

    Have you ever noticed that the people with the fish on the back of the vehicle are the worst drivers? I believe this means something like “God travels with me”.

    You know, God travels with me but I don’t expect him to slap me when I do something stupid behind the wheel (like my loving partner may do from time to time). I truly believe that some people think they can do anything, even dangerous, and “God will protect them”. I believe that God has given me the brains to do what’s right and the will to be accountable.

    Prove me wrong…but I bet you can’t. Keep your eyes on the fish!

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