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Where’s The Beef…?

Posted by Daniel on Saturday, April 8, 2006

Another Saturday.  Looks like the weather is going to play nice so the Tempest might actually get to do some gardening done after all.  I know, it's not glamorous, but I like to make things visually pleasing for my sweetie.  Of course, before I go outside this morning, I have some stuff on the "Honey-Do" list to finish…like laundry.  (Sidebar: I am notorious for shrinking clothes in the laundry…"accidentally")

While that exciting feat is being done, I get some time to respond to the mountain of online messages.  (by the way guys, thanks for taking time from your busy Friday night to send emails)

This gives me the chance to respond to a recurring question many overnight visitors are asking me – and I'll give you the "clean" version – about the blog: (31 inquiries…and counting)
"Why don't you have a section showing guys?"

Guys?  Are you kidding??  Are you telling me you don't think there are "guy sites" a-plenty on the internet?

Wow.  I hope that's not THE reason people visit this site.  I sure don't want to disappoint anyone or make them feel they're wasting their time by coming here.   

At first, I'd just redirect these visitors to some sites that – yes, I'll admit, I'm familiar with – are owned by some online friends who's blogs/web pages are dedicated to pretty much just that.  (Hi Aussie.  Howdy Tom.)

That's me…ever the scout ready and willing to guide the wayward soul across the street.  So to speak.

To answer the initial question:

I don't want my blogs to include porn.  I know…boring.  As I said earlier, there are countless sites out there for you to browse (wink-wink-nudge-nudge to Rob & Gaylord).  My site is just your average "Rant & Rave" kinda place.  Issues of the day.  Stuff that pisses me off.  Things I find funny.  Reasons to fuck with Bush and his asshole cronies.  You know, the usual.

I know it would increase my visitor volume dramatically if I were to include "Hot Guys" photos/vids.  No doubt about it.  But I just want my space to be one where people can go and say, "I just go there to read the articles"…and mean it!

This doesn't make me a prude (you said that, "Scribble"…ouch!).  Quite the contrary.  I love a bit of nice…er…shall we say…"wallpaper"…as much as the next person.  C'mon, "S"…lighten up.  :)~

Bottom line – I know Steve, Scotty and I have family and friends who regularly check our sites out and we just want to keep them porn-free.  The sites, not our family and friends.  That's their business.

Well, got a load of laundry destined for the dryer…that's my que to get this day going.

I hope I didn't offend or chase anyone off by the Q & A.   Just sometimes the hard questions need to be addressed.  Like isn't the photo in this post HOT??!!


4 Responses to “Where’s The Beef…?”

  1. Scott said

    Good answer! I find it refreshing that there is a place I can visit and comment, where comments from all lifestyles can be seen, that isn’t a side bar to a porn site. So many times today you can’ say to anyone and everyone “go look at this” because you hvae to consider what that particular audience may find visually offensive.

    A gallery of “beef” would only lend to a select group and thereby indicate that the Tempest is catering to this group…which in turn could turn others away and go against everything I know the Tempest stands for.

    Tempest wants to get the interest up, keep your attention, and then hit you with a question or comment that makes you wonder if you are the person he is talking about. This is his way of education. The addition of “beef” would reduce the number of people that could have (and need) realizations that only the Tempest can provide .

    Stand your ground T.

  2. atari_age said

    OMG. Have people actually been asking you where the hot guy pics are?

    Jebus! You know, if you really really wanted to post sexy pics, that’d be fine and you’d definitely get tons o’ hits. But if you posted them just to get the hits… well, what’s the point? It’s hard to think those extra 90000 visitors a day all came to read the other non-porn posts.

    My point being, I agree with you. If I wanted to throw up porn, I’d make a blog with all porn all the time. And I’d probably still have the regular, not so sexy, blog totally separate from it.

    Of course… do it your way and that’s that!

  3. Revel said

    Keep up the good work, baby! These boys and girls need to remember to get a “balanced diet” and not just keep eating “eye candy” all the time. (And we both agree, eye candy is tasty!)

    And thanks for the comments guys, it means a lot!

  4. Will said

    Hi–I just found your blog via your comment to Atari. I like your response to the porn pics issue and I like the way you write in general–I’ll be back.

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