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Beginnings’ End – Part Three – Rex

Posted by Daniel on Monday, April 17, 2006

This city. It's always been a fascinating and, yet, bewildering place. Nowhere else, and at no other time, has such a relatively small area played host to such a diverse mix of people and cultures. Well, there was Babel, but that was His little project and that's one of many memories best not thought of again. Besides, how could the story of Babel compare to the wonders this city offers?

The sights and sounds of this century were almost unworldly compared to those of the past. The contrasts between past and present were astounding, yet the underlying human mentality remained the same. They were capable of the most beautiful of traits, imagination. Yet there was, after the eons of evolution, the same pervasive fears and paranoia. In that way, humans were the eternal conundrum. Worst of all, they still feared what they call 'death'. Pity.

Focus. There was work to do and fauning over the human condition was a distraction for another time. Besides, remember what happened the last time you transmutated into human form "to personally and thouroughly examine that particular human". The chain of events that little stunt started are still cause for panic at home.

The girl was still inside talking to another friend. It could be done then and there, but she deserved to 'begin' out of sight from people who knew her. It was always better among strangers. She ducked outside – finally – laughing as she walked towards the intersection. As humans go, she was what humans considered attractive. "What a waste.", they would say. The hot drink she had in her hands was an obvious comfort to her as she, like everyone else around her, shrugged against the cold. Soon, child. The warmth of the 'beginning' will wrap around you. The end of the cold. How lucky you are. Now is the time.

Saddling up next to her was so easy. People never seem to see anything. Who pays attention? Not that they would see even if they were. First, the small of the back. Feel the air around you get warm. She's noticed. Let her bathe in it for a bit longer. Is that man seeing? No, not possible. He's probably just coyly admiring her. No, he's looking straight at us!! Not possible. Focus. She deserves our focus. Humans can't see. He's attractive, for a human.

There. Now the head. She almost leans back into it, as if she knows her carporial life is over. This part never fails to amaze, however, it's also the moment the body falls. That's when people tend to pay attention. They see that, but still tend to go on their way as if it's nothing they should get involved with. Sure, that does make the job easier, but it's still very sad.

Time to go, child. You're needed elsewhere. What was that? Did he just look again? Yes! He's yelling at the people around her as he tries to aid her, yet he's also staring directly this way. He SEE'S! This isn't possible!! The last human with the curse of sight joined the 'beginning' countless millennia ago, and there hasn't been another since. We have to go, now. Almost through. He sees. He's coming after us. Why is this happening?

Not only does this human see us…he seems to know what he's seeing. This is all wrong. The promise couldn't have been broken. We've done what we came to do – have always done – without error or remorse. Have they truly started this again? Is this human one of theirs? Does his soul belong to the Keepers?

We're at the gateway now. Almost safe.

This isn't a game. Why do the Keepers act as if they don't know what will happen if the human realizes, or worse, succeeds? He's almost upon us. His speed is like that of the last one, though he obviously doesn't know it yet.

She's through and gone now. Gateway closing, thankfully. He's in front of us now. Yes, he does see. He is looking right into our eyes. It's as if he's studying us – taking in every bit of visual data he can. We remember this scene. It really is happening again. We have to find out why. The Keepers will explain everything, surely. But as for this one, we'd better study him closer. We will be seeing more if him obviously. Look into his mind.

Confusion, obviously, and a fear that seems to run deeper than to be simply a reaction to what he's seeing. There it is! Dormant. Everything this human was predestined for. Even those memories from his ancestor yet to be realized. Fate, it seems, has a horrible plan for the humans and their dream-like world. Again. The Keepers play this game to no ones benefit. Not even theirs. How many countless generations has it been since the last hunter? How many humans had to die without reason merely as a gruesome and pointless game pieces? We'll get the answers, but for now…

For now, this human is to be silenced. A wave of the hand and he's out like a light. He'll wake up with a hellacious headache and try, groggily to tell his tale. Fortunately no one will believe him. Another reason to adore the human psyche…they truly are blind to that which they can't see. This Joshua, however, warrants our full attention. The 'beginning' cannot be interrupted either by those goddamn Keepers, nor by the new enemy of humanity, Josh.

(to be continued…)

– – A short series by "The Tempest"


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