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Read Between The Lies

Posted by Daniel on Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Today I was engaged in yet another heated debate with my politico mates in Melbourne and it occured to me that they actually get it. When it comes to American politics, Stewart and Gaelen seem to have no problem understanding where our government is steering the US. Straight into political Armageddon.

Their first questions to me (via IM) were regarding my opinions on Bushs' speech last night. "What sort of an impression did his remarks make and do you think any of his so-called solutions can come to fruition?"


Actually, my response was a tad more eloquent than that, but I feel the need to dumb-down when writing about Bush.

I explained to them that on the one hand, it's nice to hear Bush making any reference to important issues. This tells me someone in the West Wing is feeding him a headline or two. This, mixed with how they sampled in the polls (which Bush says he could care less about…what a crock of shit!). On the other hand, my concern is that his talking about border security has long been on the table, so why is it only now becoming such a hot-button issue to him?

I remember six years ago hearing about the issues this man was going to run on and what order they were going to come up. In 2000, it was reigning in control of the vices in Washington, privatizing Social Security and fiscal responsibility. He "won" that election, though he's proven to be the least fiscally responsible president in recent history and that Washington corruption is his mandate. Social Security was a bust, however he gave it another shot in 2004. In 2004, again with the budget deficit, they also threw in the Sanctity of Marriage Act and Terrorism. Three issues that, again, his base rallied around.  Only after he won that election, his base, like the gays, the economy and Iraq, got screwed.

It was said after his win in 2000, and especially after 9/11, Bush and Rove would eventually need a cause that, like gays marrying and terrorists, would scare the shit out of his weak-minded base. And what better than Mexicans streaming into America to steal jobs and live off of welfare?

Okay, there are plenty of examples of promises made and subsequently broken by this President. So many, in fact, that I've lost track. But my arguement with Stewart and Gaelen was more about the inability of the average American to see through this administrations lies. "They simply can't see the forest for the trees." Bush and his staff have planted so many lies in our consciousness, we can no longer see through them…or choose not to out of fear of being called Anti-American.

It pissed me off because I knew they were right.

These days, Americans – for the most part – never seem to remember the saying, "Once Burned…". This man, as well as other candidates he threw his support behind, has won elections because of one simple factor. Americans have become stupid in their complacency.

I don't know why it is that every time Bush makes a speech (if that's what you call it), we three get into these heated debates afterwards. But I do know we agree when I say, "Wake up America! Stop buying into the fearmongers' bullshit! It's time to regain the common sense they are slowly stealing (or buying) from you!!"

I don't need to have the approval of Bush, his cronies or the pundits to know that I am an American. I refuse to fall for the lies or the attempts to confuse me on television. I am not a weak-minded person easily scared by threats from Bill O'Rielly and the FOX security natzi's. I, like so many others, believe in and support our troops, but not the asshole commanding them. I don't have to. That's what makes me an American.

I believe the Christian Right can keep their so-called marriage, but can kiss my ass when they tell me I can't have the same right. I do not believe in their hateful God.

In my opinion, this President should not only be impeached, but also put back into school to learn some basic policy.

I don't blame Mexicans for wanting a better life here in America. But I think those American business owners who hire them illeagally should be deported to Iraq.

In my opinion, before Bush makes speaking English a prerequisite to becoming an American citizen, he should learn to speak it himself.

Again, our debate/conversation went much further and covered many other areas, but you get the gist of it. Needless to say, my hackles were a bit raised throughout our little "chat", but you have to understand this…we three have these discussions on a weekly basis. And if you think I get a little bit verbose when it comes to Bush, you should hear Gaelen and Stewart!! I love those guys and actually respect their counterpoints. Mostly because they are willing to discuss them rationally. They don't call me an idiot or talk condescendingly to me. They don't call me unpatriotic, unAmerican or a terrorist. They, unlike their American counterparts, respect that I have ideas and ideals which do not have to fall in lock-step with everyone else's.

Thanks again, Mates, for giving me reason to go on bitching, fighting and campaigning against the lies.


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