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It’s SO Us!!

Posted by Daniel on Thursday, May 18, 2006

Have you ever seen a couple on TV or in a movie and turned to your "spouse" and said, "That is SO you!"? Steve and I do it whenever we catch a rerun of Roseanne, though we fight over who's who.

{Sweetheart…You are SO Jackie!!}

One thing is for sure…when we watch the movie Chicken Run…we ARE the Tweedy's.

Mr. Tweedy – (Daniel): "What is it?"

Mrs. Tweedy – (Steve): "It's a pie machine, you idiot. Chickens go in, pies come out."

Mr. Tweedy: "Ooh, what kind of pies?"

Mrs. Tweedy: "Apple."

Mr. Tweedy: "My favourite."

This is pretty much how it is on any given day in our household. Mrs. Tweedy Steve will tell me something or ask a simple question, and I will, somehow, turn it into a roller coaster ride for him.

Yesterday, Steve asked me to price materials for building the greenhouse. I did, and as a comparison, I decided to print off the page showing a greenhouse "kit" so that he could see the difference between building from the ground up (which is what we've been planning) and just buying a kit.

The cost for the lumber alone to build from the ground up was somewhere around $480.00 US. Then I had to write on that estimate that this did not include the cost of the roofing, framing, insulation, etc.

Total cost for building from scratch: Approximately $750.00 US. Jeeze!! You'd think it wouldn't cost that much. I mean, we were thinking a few boards and some flooring (yup, we're that gay).


You can imagine Mrs. Tweedy's reaction.

Then I showed him the printout of the cost, info and picture (above) of the greenhouse kit.

$649.00 US.

We both really want this project done, but do we really want to spend that much on a little building meant to grow plants??

Okay, when Steve saw both estimates, you could have heard his eyeballs snap as they rolled all-the-way-back.

It wasn't until after I finished touting the pro's and con's of each alternative that I informed him there were cheaper "kits", though in my opinion, not as nice.

Flash Back to Mrs. Tweedy wacking Mr. Tweedy on the head with a clipboard.

[Disclaimer] For the record, Steve is NOT abusive, mean or otherwise obsessive. This was simply an example of how we find so much to laugh about in our daily lives.


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