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I have seen the light!

Posted by Daniel on Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Last night, I was on the phone with Ray ironing out some issues my browser was having with java. I must say that he is quite handy in a pinch, however when he and I are ever on the phone, it always seems to veer away from the technical and goes to the bizzare and insane.

One of the things we seem to share in common is the inate ability to spend an hour or two on the phone and utter not one relevant word. It always somehow turns into a "quote-off", or an entire conversation consisting of nothing but one-liners and zingers from our favorite movies. There is also the fair amount of bitchiness (he calls me a cooze muffin, I call him a fat whua).

Steve can handle all of three minutes of listening to us before he shuts a door between us. He thinks we are disgusting and babbling idiots. (love you Sweetie…mua…mua!!)

I must say though, that we do, indeed, get some great thinking done during these phone rants. Why, just last night, he clued me in on a website that, on first look, appears to be the most vile religious website that even makes that of Fred Phelps (<–his link here) blush.

The site he hipped me to is called the Landover Baptist Church (<–link).

The link (above) takes you to what looks like a hate site, but when you read the articles, you quickly learn it's actually a site dedicated to showing just how fucked up sites like the one Phelps has really are.

Note: For a particularly yummy example, click on the "Archives" link, and in the search field, type "Tampons" and then click Go Jesus. This will take you to an article titled "Tampons: Satan's Little Cotton Fingers".

I read four articles before I had to take a brake because I was laughing so damn hard. It really helps to understand that a site like this appeals to folks who, like Ray and Steve and I, have a sick sense of humor. It's all dry wit and not (underline that) meant to be taken seriously.

Again, this site is a satirical look at religion and it's extremism. Do not send them hate mail.

Unless you're Fred Phelps or some other religious extreme nutbag. In that case, by all means, go for it.

Thank you, Ray, for the heads-up on this. Oh, and because you're such a cheap bastard, I'm inserting your link (click here). And no, those pants don't make you look fat. Your fat makes you look fat.

Love in the sunshine,



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