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A Vote For Nothing – Therefore I Rant

Posted by Daniel on Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Dear Religious Conservative Base:

Today marks a milestone in the history of "Politics As Usual" in Washington. The level of shame they have brought upon themselves never ceases to deepen. You would be hard pressed to find any news channel not discussing the utter partisan pandering happening up on the Hill. All at the behest of a lame-assed lame duck President who, once again, feels it's perfectly – and morally – fine and justified to descriminate against those "marriage-fucking Saddamites".

The Senate, in it's infinately corrupt wisdom, decided to take a vote today [which ended in 49 "For"/48 "Against"] on ammending the Constitution to ban same-sex marriage. Screw the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tell those families of troops to stop their whining. You don't have insurance? Tough shit. Paying over $3.00 per gallon at the pumps? It's the American thing to do in wartime! All your bitching about the economy, schools, the environment, healthcare and civil rights are only playing into the hands of our enemies and putting our troops in danger!! You should all be rallying around the flag and keeping the REAL threat at bay…

The gays are out to screw you and your marriage!!

Everyone on the planet, which at times seems not to include Washington, knew this bill didn't have a snowballs' chance in Hell of passing. To say that it was all a gross waste of time would be a monumental understatement. However, it's the only issue the GOP can truly rely on to divert the attention of their weak-minded base (that would be you) away from the important issues at hand. Never mind the fact that you may actually not drink the Kool-Aid this time and subsequently stay away from the polls in November. You've been lied to three times already (I still can't believe you keep falling for this shit) and yet, like the good God-fearing Christian soldiers you are, you pray this might actually be the end of the gay threat.

As a card-carrying liberal Democrat, I am truly over this shit. I am sick of biggotry and, face it, religion teaches just that. What makes me even more angry is how low the Democrats are willing to stoop in order not to ruffle your religious feathers.

Don't get me wrong. I do not believe that if you're religious then you are a bigot. I do, however, believe there are many religious people who use religion to justify intolerance. Politicians, it appears, are all too eager to exploit that.

That goes for Democrats as well as Republicans. In this day and age, it mystifies me that pandering to religion is still a requirement in politics for both parties.

And don't fool yourselves. This Constitutional Amendment doesn't simply ban gay "marriage". No, it goes far beyond that. The Bill also bans civil unions of any kind. It has been worded to specifically deny Federal or State rights of any kind for gays. Now, even though we know this bill did not pass, at least not today, there are far-reaching implications that we don't think about. The authors of this legislation clandestinely wrote in lines also banning any form of civil unions and any rights they might obtain through legal channels.

For example:

Steve and I are amoung thousands of committed gay couples who have hired attorneys to draw up various legal documents that, for all intents and purposes, grant power of attorney, quit deed, medical proxy, etc. This is a tedious, not to mention expensive, undertaking. If the Federal and State governments have it their way, even these rights could still be denied us, on the grounds that we are not legally recognized "couples". Essentially rendering our legal documents null and void.

I, personally, don't want to tear your marriage apart. I don't want to mock the institution. Rather, I respect those who are selflessly and whole-heartedly committed to one another. Straight or Gay. Steve and I don't want "special" rights. We simply want to be considered equal. "Seperate But Equal" just doesn't cut it and I know the Founding Fathers would agree.

If your bible teaches you that some races or individuals are naturally destined to be considered second-class or inferior…IT'S WRONG!!! You will never slap a pink triangle on my shirt for me to wear as a mark of shame and ridicule. If I wanted to wear something that promotes shame and ridicule…I'd wear a cross.

It's obvious we'll never agree on this issue when you argue with "biblical morality" as your litmus test. What I see as common sense you see as reasons I'm going to Hell. It's sad and it's sickening.

But that's you and you have the right (lucky you) to your beliefs. Just know, I'll also never change my beliefs. I believe in people. My faith is in the good that people, as a whole, are capable of. My faith is visible, tangible, steadfast and not a fairy tale. This, above all else, is why I must respect your faith and beliefs…even if you see me as nothing more than someone less than you. I can't change your belief structure, nor is it my place to try. I only wish you'd show me the same respect.

Those in Washington, however, don't share my views. With your blessing, they try anything possible to appease you by rewriting the Constitution to insure people like me stay in our place. Because they, like you, know I will never change – especially to fit your mold of a good moral breeder – so they have no choice but to create a second class citizenship hole and toss my ass in it.

You've managed to create puppets out of politicians. Every time you pull their strings – or they pull yours – you manage to shame both us and yourselves. It's no wonder this country is such a joke. With so many important issues this country faces each day, this is what's most important to you?!

Never mind the fact that there may well be yet another attack on this country or it's interests. Fuck that. Congress should focus all it's time, money and energy on gay-hating legislation. All of Congress and this miserable excuse of a President have taken their eyes off of what really matters in this world.

All in a pathetic effort to placate you.



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