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World Cup “Succer”

Posted by Daniel on Thursday, June 15, 2006

I have always been an avid lover of sports. True, I'm too short to actually play in certain sporting events, but I still pay close attention. Football (American NFL), Track & Field, Tour de France, both Summer & Winter Olympics, Equestrian, Golf (yes, I'm that much of a dork) and Softball (I'm still looking for the perfect Lesbian team to coach).

I'm very proud to call myself an athletic supporter.

My biggest love, however, is Soccer.

Yes, America…to 95% of the planet, that is Football.

World Cup Soccer 2006 began on 9 June 2006 and ends on 9 July 2006. This series, the host country is Germany. Of course, I'm routing for the American team (seeded 9th in FIFA), but also for Italy (8th seed), England (3rd seed) and the defending champions, Brazil.

Australia, while seeded 28th, has already won it's first game, routing Japan 3-1. The very same day, 12 June, the Americans lost handily to Czech Republic 3-0. Both Brazil and England won their respective previous matches.

Speaking of the American team, there was a bit of controversy over the upcoming U.S. vs. Italy match. U.S. forward Eddie Johnson made a comment comparing the impending match to 'war', which in turn sparked a war of words with Italy's forward, Vincenzo Iaquinta, who stated, "We'll do our talking on the field. That's what we're here to do. But if they consider it war, then it will be war for us, too."

Read the whole story here.

Now, it's well known that soccer – rather Football – is so popular around the world (accept in the U.S.)(why is that?!) that rivalries can, and do, get violent. It's an ugly side of a beloved sport that I, for one, get sick of seeing. Truly, many people have actually been killed either at games or because of games.

And you thought parents at Pee-Wee baseball games were bad!

So far, other than a shooting at some restaurant between some soccer fans (the victims) and another customer (the shooter), the Germany games have been relatively mild. Oh sure, trash talk is always a part of the games. What sport doesn't have this?

On the other hand, bringing ANY talk of 'war' either onto the fields or during interviews is just plain asinine. Much like the fistfights allowed in hockey. Stupid and useless.

Don't ruin my World Cup experience – such that it is – with cocky brovado.

Aw hell…cut the shit-talk, keep your stupid mouths shut and just PLAY!!

Oh, and good luck, guys.:roll:


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