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Pride Month – Pass It On

Posted by Daniel on Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The following is a post from Kelly Stern. It deserves an honorable mention.


Here's a challange…come on, you know you want to…

I was thinking tonight as I was going through some old posts and file pictures…There are a lot of things going on in the world (I mean, NO Katie tomorrow morning???)…So I took a break and went outside to water the plants and while watering the plants outside my house tonight I was reminded of a picture and the something else…here in the Capital of the South, Richmond, Virginia…Virginia..the home of the likes of Senator John Warner, Reverends Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell…Virginia will be voting on an Amendment on Marriage in November…I mean, I am in the Bible Belt…so I came up with a challenge, or at least a hope…

I took a picture a week or so ago and I think it could stand for many things across the country, but with tomorrow being June 1st (the start of Pride Month), to me it means a little more…I am a person…a person who happens to live in a wonderful neighborhood in one of the true Southern Cities in the US…and I proudly hang the two flags you see in the picture below in hopes people driving by will understand, we as Americans and Richmonders should all be equal…so here is the actual challenge…I want to see how many blogs and websites I can see this picture on…I think it represents Gay America, no matter where you are…it looks like an All-American neighborhood-with a little color…(The All-American Gayborhood)…soooo…copy and paste the picture to your blog and send me a link…when you do, I will include the link in my daily roll call…I may be a bit ambitous, but would be surprised if I even get 20 or so (gay, straight or otherwise) bloggers to post this in honor of Pride month…I would be very happy if just one did, but more would be better…forward to your friends on MySpace or Friendster or whatever…but pass it along during the month…at the end…put it to rest…but keep it in your heart and mind (and in your files)…it may not be an award winning photo, but I think it stands for something…at least in my mind…(send email to or just post link in comment section here, just make sure I get a little credit somewhere for the picture please)_____________________________________________________________________________________

Show Kelly some love…and also some PRIDE. Pass this post along, or go to his site and post a comment.


One Response to “Pride Month – Pass It On”

  1. Kelly said

    Thank you for making the post and taking the challenge…it warms me to see people actually taking part in this…I am so excited to see what this month will bring with the posting…have a great Pride Month!!! Love your pics by the way!! too cute!!!

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