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Another Tree Falls For Politics

Posted by Daniel on Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The 2006 mid-term elections. Time to start thinking about candidates and what they stand for…or ‘say’ they stand for.

Years ago, I just used to be excited at a time like this because I would get to vote. The candidates didn’t matter to me, as long as they were Democrats.

While I would have a vague knowledge of some of the issues, by the time I steped up to the voting booth, I’d just punch the name of whatever candidate had a “D” next to their names.

Such was my utter disdain for anything or anyone Republican. I figured I was going to oppose any candidate (Republican) who even hinted an anti-gay thought. I respect people’s beliefs, as long as they don’t use politics or religion to bash me.

I’ve never considered myself to be a ‘militant’ gay. I’m just a guy who loves the person he’s with and wants to live a normal life with that person. Of course, that person also happens to be a guy, and this is what always seems to put us in the political/religious cross hairs.

Let me go back to my previous statement…”I’ve never considered myself to be a ‘militant’ gay.” That statement was true, until the current occupant of the White House and his administration began to use gays as a means to ignite the religious fires. Since this so-called President made it clear that God speaks to him, he has garnered the mantle of God’s President…at least in the eyes of those religious folks who drink that Kool Aid.

It never fails that in every election cycle within the past 5 years, when Republicans need a boost from religious voters, that’s when it’s time to scare them with the myth about gays trying to take the sanctity of marriage and ‘drag’ it throught the mud. Even when a majority of gays have made it abundantly clear that we don’t want ‘marriage’, as such. We simply want, for now, civil unions so that we may obtain the same federal rights as everyone else. That, of course, leads to Republicans shouting to the moral winds, “Gays want to take your marriage and have special rights.”

It never ceases to amaze me how, after using this ploy over and over again, the people continue rallying behind it and voting in people who, for whatever reason, never follow up on their promise to – for all intents and purposes – put the gays in their place and an ammendment on the Constitution.

The amazing this is that also within the past 5 years, the Democrats seem all to eager to jump on the gay-bashing bandwagon. Oh, they love to cloak their opposition to civil unions in a way they think won’t upset the liberals too much. They tend to wrap their religious pandering in either muted silence, or blatant ‘in-your-face’ moral decency. The spine of the Democratic party was forcibly removed the day they lost the congressional majority. Now they’ll stop at nothing to get it back, even at the expense of alienating one of their major supporting groups. And they’re using religion to do it.
To me it seems people who should have common sense and practice “Love thy neighbor” would rather practice hate and resentment. Even if there is no tangible reason. All for a vote.

My apologies. I’ve completely strayed from my original rant point.

Since it is an election year, I can’t help but notice how many flyers, ‘newsletters’, and other mail from candidates make it into my mailbox or onto my front porch. Four exact copies of the very same ‘newsletter’ from the very same candidate (a Republican) so far this week. And that’s just what’s coming from him!

I’ve tried sending them back ‘Return To Sender – Remove us from your mailing list’, but the post office says it’s 3rd class mail and can only be thrown away. I’ve tried going to their websites and also emailing them directly to request being removed from any future mailing or porch delivery. Their wesites, however, only allow you to post a comment IF you contribute to their campaign. Then they send you even more shit! You never get a response to the email.

This goes for both Republican and Democrat candidates –


Exactly how many trees have to die before these assholes get the message?!

I’ve grown up. I’ve learned more about the political process. I’m fully aware that people like me are perfect targets for both religious hate and political pandering. I have a computer and use it diligently to reasearch both the issues and where you are and have been on them in the past. I know when you’re bullshitting me. I no longer fall for it.

When you send me your pamphlets pointing out your past accomplishments, I know when you’re taking credit for nothing tangible. I know in my heart that you don’t look at me as a ‘normal’ person. You simply look at me as yet another stupid person who might vote for you…especially if you say all those catchy phrases that might scare me into punching your name on that ballot.

I miss those days when I could just punch “Democrat” all the way down the ballot, however, those days are long gone. I now have to keep an eye on the lies and pandering Democrats commit, as well as those of the opposing party. It’s like a kid learning there is no Santa Clause.

For you kids reading this – I was just trying to make a point.

There really IS a Santa Clause.


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