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Does It Make Us More American?

Posted by Daniel on Saturday, July 1, 2006

As many of you already know, Steve and I have engaged in some major home renovation this year. What I like to refer to as:


It started off with our need to install a brick patio off to the side of the deck. It looks great and was entirely worth the two smashed fingers and ultra-frayed nerves.

About the same time, we decided the greenhouse – see here, here and here – needed to be built, as my plantings had, again, invaded any and every available space. Now the Bird of Paradise are growing quite fast and lovely.

During the building, we decided to cut down the bushes that ran along the side of our existing deck. What a sight that was.

This, of course, led to our decision to get rid of the above-mentioned deck, and replace it with one that is bigger and better. Does that mean we’re size queens just because we love a big deck?

Then there’s the new carpeting inside and the replacement of windows.

The bottom line here is that this amounts to a butt-load of spending. Something our government is urging us all to do – you know, to show our American patriotism.

Never mind the fact that the economy is teetering on the verge of what appears to be the beginning of a slow down. We’re supposed to go out there and spend our little flag-waving hearts out, regardless of the debt it might accumulate. Just like our fiscally responsible government. After all, how else are they supposed to pay for this war?

Well, as long as Steve and I are doing our part for our country and spending our ‘disposable income’ on something meaningful. 🙄

Happy Fourth of July, all!!

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