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The Rockets Red Glare

Posted by Daniel on Wednesday, July 5, 2006

There’s something to be said about a holiday such as the 4th falling on a weekday…


You work on Monday, celebrate the Fourth of July on Tuesday, then have to come in to work for the remainder of the week. And I just know these next three days are going to drag like Dick Cheney’s knuckles when he walks.

I learned something this morning that, for some reason, I tend to forget every time I drink…there will be a hangover.

This is a tad embarrassing as I have become quite the lightweight when it comes to drinking. I drink two, maybe three times a year, and then it consists of only a Smirnoff Ice or two (the grape is my favorite) and/or rum punch or margaritas. If my buds in Dallas could see me now. Having owned, managed and bartended bars for ten years, I was one of those who could drink most folks under the table without even so much as a hint of getting tipsy.

Now I get a hangover just from smelling vanilla extract!! What the fu….??

Okay, now that I’ve shared that little wimpy side of me, I’ll continue with where I was originally going…

Steve and I usually do the 4th with our friends at our neighbors’ house (thanks, again, Mel & Bev) (or as they’re now known – “Punch and Boozie Slush”) because our city’s fireworks display is directly over their house – from the high school grounds a block away.

I love the pool party/cook out that preceeds the lightshow, because of all the cool and funny people in attendance. As the only “Mo’s” there each year, Steve and I are always made to feel accepted. Straight people can be so cool. We should meet more of them.

By the way, Gina, tell Billy I want his email address! And that towel. 😈

Steve spent a lot of the time holding the most adorable puppy. It’s a Papillon (French for Butterfly) and about 9 weeks old. In our five years together, I’ve never seen Steve hold a dog. It was priceless and the pictures will be hitting this page soon.

Seeing, eating (boy did I!!), drinking, intermingling, “dishing” and watching made the gawd-awful feeling this morning more than worth it.

Funny thing is, this party – and all those being held across the country – was going on at the very same time missles were being tested half a world away.

This is where we get serious.

In an effort to piss on the boots of everyone else on the planet (not the least of which belong to the dumbass in the Whitehouse), that insane little pile of kimchi who runs North Korea is flaunting his efforts to creat his own ultimate firecracker.

It’s so easy to go to a party and celebrate occasions such as the 4th, all the while giving no thought to the rockets that are being pointed and test-fired at us.

It’s frightening to think that, while Iran could and will develop their own nukes, even they aren’t willing to end all life on this planet just to make a point.

Kim Jong Il, on the other hand, seriously doesn’t give a shit about the world or it’s survival. He wants nothing more than to blow Japan clean off the map, and if he has to take out America’s West Coast in the process, so be it. The man lost his mind long ago and is just itching to make a point that, honestly, no one seems to understand.

I don’t take his insanity for granted, though. He may be riding the mental short bus, but he’s also very shrewd. He knows we know that taking him out will set any one of his twisted followers on the path of pushing a button. More than a million of his soldiers at or near the South Korean border all too ready to strike. No nearby country with the means to stop them except China, who is more than happy to sit it out and see what’s left of their biggest competition…US!!

He also knows that we have a President who is also not the brightest bulb in the political chandelier. Kim is betting that the “Drugstore Cowboy” will go on the ‘offensive’.

Now, picture South Parks’ Timmy & Jimmy going at it…


Well, that’s all I really wanted to say.

To sum it all up:

  1. Partys are fun.
  2. Friends are dear and special.
  3. Bev is a ‘Boozie Slush’.
  4. Steve does love puppies.
  5. Billy owes me a “towel”.
  6. North Korea sucks ass.
  7. Nukes are the bad firecrackers.
  8. I worry about too much shit.
  9. Billy, I still want that towel.
  10. This is why I hate drinking and hangovers.

2 Responses to “The Rockets Red Glare”

  1. Bigg said

    I love your segue from holiday happenings to Kim Jong Il, but not as much as the summary at the end. You rock!

  2. Kathy said

    Man…North Korea….what a buzz kill

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