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George Honey…Time to wake up…

Posted by Daniel on Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I don’t know about you, but I am really starting to feel like this whole Middle East plan isn’t exactly going…as planned. It’s starting to look as though someone in Washington – who could it be? – just might have bitten off more than they (he) could chew.

Call me a pessimist. Call me a fearmonger. Call me a Bush-hating, screaming liberal, media eletist, Birkenstock-wearing, ACLU-loving, Greenpeace-acting, hemp-wearing hippie. Hey, if it’s a lable that will be sure to piss off the Conservative Religious Right, you can call me “All of the Above”.

One thing you can not call me, however, is wrong when I say that Bush’s plans for bringing freedom and democracy to the Middle East is an abismal failure. I partly blame myself in this. I have eased up on The Bush lately in order to write about more important and substantive issues, such as Steve and I building things around our house. In my latest writings, I somehow took my eye off Bush’s ball.

Eww!! I just developed that mental picture…and it gave me polaroids!!

I don’t have to remind people just how poorly Iraq has been – and is being – handled. More and more of the so-called Provisional Government are saying quite publically that the country is falling deeper into an all-out civil war. Bush and his criminal puppet masters in Washington simply got it wrong when planning (and I use the term so lightly as to not mean it at all) this one out.

I’ll forgive him for starting a war in a country that didn’t attack us. I’ll patriotically avert my eyes while flag-draped coffins roll by. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt when I hear he’s litterally turned his back on the search for the actual person responsible for 9/11. I won’t question why he and the “better half” of Americans are getting rich on the backs of the immoral poor. I’ll dutifully salute the God-protected American flag as I pump my $4.00 per gallon gas into my gigantic SUV-zilla. I’ll throw myself onto the Jesus-train tracks before I’ll let gays get married.

Oh wait. No. I won’t do any of that shit. I’m not a Republican.

I want to know why Bush started two wars, then ended the one that actually mattered. It doesn’t matter how many catchy phrases and sound bites he and those who blindly support him throw out there, Bush let Osama go, and there is no excuse for it. He wanted Iraq because he thought it was the easiest piece on the political chess board to take.

He was wrong. And the historians will agree.

Now there is this so-called ‘Road Map‘ for peace between Israel and Palestine.

How’s that one going for you, George?

I’ll fill you in, just in case you’re busy watching Fox News, which refuses to cover anything that even hints at your vile stupidity and diplomatic ‘dip-shit-ed-ness’. While you were so busy raising money for political candidates who keep their heads buried up your ass, Hammas kidnapped two more Israeli soldiers. This, in turn, brought a swift response from Israel…they moved into Lebanon. Remember the last time Israel occupied Lebanon? Nine hundred Israeli soldiers died, as well as thousands of Lebanese civilians. Tens of thousands of Lebanese civilians also lost their homes. Are you going to put down that remote and try to intervene before those figures double in this incurrsion?

Your “Road Map” is a dismal failure. Palestine didn’t need it to find the Israeli soldiers to kidnap. Israel sure as hell didn’t need it to find Lebanon. This situation can only get worse, and the one thing that might actually have a chance – diplomacy – is the one [important] strength this president seriously lacks. Oh, he’ll give it the old college try…after all, if Israel is destroyed in the wrong fight, how on Earth will the Rapture occur?

Oh, and lest we forget, there is still that little hairball called Iran to deal with. Aw shucks, we’ll just shelf that one until we can invade them. That is, of course, after we recruit more skinheads, murderers and junkies into the military .

Hmmm, should you do anything about the bombings in India this week? Naw!! This cowboy would rather let the ‘Injuns’ fight it out amongst themselves.

Can somebody please call Laura and have her go upstaris to the nap room and give little George a knudge? It appears the dog is eating his homework.



One Response to “George Honey…Time to wake up…”

  1. Bigg said

    Amen! You may be preaching to the choir with me, but keep preaching!

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