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What’s In A Word?

Posted by Daniel on Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Sort of rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

Like “War President” or “Decider”.

Why is everyone so surprised our President uttered such a word – albeit candidly – in a setting so trivial as a G8 summit?

Let’s examine this word…shall we???

    • crap: obscene terms for feces
    • bullshit: obscene words for unacceptable behavior; “I put up with a lot of bullshit from that jerk”; “what he said was mostly bull”
    • jack: a small worthless amount; “you don’t know jack”
    • a coarse term for defecation; “he took a shit”
    • asshole: insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous
    • denounce: give away information about somebody; “He told on his classmate who had cheated on the exam”
    • damn: something of little value; “his promise is not worth a damn”; “not worth one red cent”; “not worth shucks”
    • stool: have a bowel movement; “The dog had made in the flower beds” (*1)

Going a bit further:

Shit is a vernacular word in Modern English denoting the feces, the solid byproduct of digestion. It is an old and native English word, but following the Norman Conquest, Norman, Anglo-Norman, French, and Latin terms for many common objects and bodily functions began to be seen as more distinguished than native words, and thereafter feces became the accepted English noun, to defecate became the accepted English verb, and shit was no longer used in polite company. (*2)

The very fact that President Bush used this word during what he thought was a candid one-on-one over the shoulder conversation with Prime Minister Blair shouldn’t be so shocking. After all, these two have had hundreds of talks, both formal and informal, over the past 5+ years. Mr. Blair is obviously used to Mr. Bush using such colorful language, which would explain his stiff upper lip reaction (or lack thereof) and subsequent turning off of the nearby mic.

Let’s be realistic here…Our current president is a cusser going way back. W-a-a-a-y back.

You doubt me? Okay, try this. (all his words spliced together)

Also, don’t forget this: (by the way, he did this on my birthday, what a shithead!)

Sept. 4, 2000 – At a Labor Day event in Naperville, Ill., Monday morning, apparently oblivious of the microphone just inches from his mouth, Gov. George W. Bush made a crude offhand remark about a reporter that those in the campaign of his rival, Vice President Al Gore, hope will take some of the shine off Bush’s warm and sunny veneer.

Waving and smiling to the crowds, Bush and his running mate, former Defense Secretary Dick Cheney, seemed to be enjoying the generous reception offered by the Republican enclave in the Chicago suburbs.

Then Bush spotted New York Times reporter Adam Clymer, who has been with the paper since 1977, serving as national political correspondent during the 1980 presidential race, as polling editor from 1983 to 1990 and as political editor during the successful presidential campaign of Bush’s father in 1988.

“There’s Adam Clymer — major league asshole — from the New York Times,” Bush said.

“Yeah, big time,” returned Cheney.

Because of the crowd noise, few if any of the audience could hear the remarks. But reporters — especially those with radio or network TV sound equipment plugged into the microphone — heard the remark clearly. As of early afternoon Monday, media executives were reportedly deciding whether or not to use the tape. (*3)

Now granted, “Asshole” is a tad different than “Shit”, however both are pretty relative if you think about it.

Then again, so are Bush and Blair.

It’s just a word and words only offend when the person hearing them has a dirty mind.
Oh crap! I’m late for my shitty job!! I work in such a dump. Oh yeah, and my boss is such an asshole.



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