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Moral Hypocrisy – Part One

Posted by Daniel on Thursday, July 20, 2006

I’ve been patient. Sure, I’ve had several chances to speak my mind about the neoconservative efforts to throw gays to the electoral lions. And belive me when I say, I’ve only posted the relatively clean versions.

Fuck that. Oh, and to those who write me about my not seeing the bigger picture of the good Bush is doing; and my “not supporting our president in a time of war”, and all of that other right wing kool aid drinking shit…


I’ll say it and I don’t give a damn who doesn’t like it! This fucker not only doesn’t represent real America but he also doesn’t represent those who live in this dimension.

Stating the painfully obvious, there is the war in Afghanistan (you remember that one, right?), the failed diversionary war in Iraq and the all-around “war on terror”. Never mind the leader of the largest terror organization is busy shitting on the Constitution on the Whitehouse.

Now we have the war between Israel and Lebanon. Or is that the war between Israel, Iran and Syria? Or is that the war between Israel and Hizbu’llah on behalf of the US? Or is that….?

The world is turning to shit and Americans are letting it happen. Why? Because our fearless leader is sitting on his pasty pimply ass in the Whitehouse putting his paw print on the very first veto of his failed presidency. That of the stem cell bill that just passed the House.

Last week, he pushed congressional republicans to force the issue of gay marriage (yet again) to a vote in both the House and Senate. Everyone knew this vote would fail in both, however getting this vote allows the republican party to use the names of those Democrats who voted against this legislation in attack ads saying things like, “Senator (or Representative) Joe Schmoe wants the dick smokers to be able to lay between you and your spouse and masturbate with the bible and wipe themselves with the flag.”

Okay, I’ll admit that’s a little extreme. I’d make the wife get out of the bed.

This is a somewhat illustrated definition of a ‘Wedge Issue’. In this case, it’s something the republican party can use to rally their white-hood-and-sheet-wearing base to the polls with.

Before that it was Flag Burning.

Before that it was the Pledge of Allegiance.

Before that it was Gay Adoption.

Before that it was Lesbians who dress like men who can no longer parallel park.

You read or watch the news and wonder what the hell is up with Congress? Why is it that these are the issues they want to focus on rather than lives being lost in Iraq and other hot zones?

Don’t take your eyes off the bigger picture…

This is the real Wedge Issue!!

The man with his finger on the moral pulse of America. Bush has verbally made it clear to republicans that he wants the wedge issues riding through Congress, rather than any talk of war, deaths, Iraq, Israel, etc.

Keep the voters’ minds off of republican criminal investigations, off of his ‘Bushisms’, off of Katrina, off of…

Whatever it takes! Just keep the base stirred up for the next sixteen weeks.

Why is this so important to Bush? Because he knows that if republicans lose Congress in November, he will likely be censured (at the very least) and much of his legislation will be either revisited or overturned altogether.

To Be Continued…


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