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Caution: Gay Construction Ahead – Part 2 – That Looks Fabulous!!

Posted by Daniel on Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ever feel like people expect more out of you if you’re gay and working on a new project? As if to say,”You’re the gay guys…aren’t your people supposed to be clever and creative?”

Look, just because we have great fashion sense (for the most part), can make a fabulous centerpiece out of left over dress beads and cake frosting, are fast with the snappy retorts (sometimes to our detriment) and smell good collectively, don’t pigeon-hole or stereotype us.

This is my reaction to our friends and neighbors when they look at Steve and I all confused because we still don’t know the first thing about assembling a deck.

“Deck? Um, no. I thought we were talking about something else. Silly me. How about I hold the nail while you strike it viciously with that big hammer? You know I’m such a dainty flower and you’re the verile construction type person.”

“Prissy! Fetch me mah smellin salts!”

Okay, that was a bit of faggy artistic license gone awry, but you get the point, right?

Actually, Steve and I are normally pretty good at certain projects around the house. He’s much better with the stuff that happens inside, while I tend to thrive on the outdoor projects. However, when we’re working on a project together, either in or outside, we tend to figure out what we’re supposed to be doing kinda quick.

Oh, I’m not saying there isn’t the occasional butting of heads over ideas on doing it this way or that – because, again, we’re such a fucking creative and imaginative people – but we usually end up with some very nice results to go along with the cuts, bruises and pulled hair. Kidding.

So, we’re still working on this new deck. Last week, Steve’s brother and I mixed and poured concrete for the footings (12 of them) during that 104 degree weather. Fun. We also jacked up part of the house because there was some very old termite and wood rot damage to the boards that both lay atop the foundation and the board that goes above that to support the floor and walls. Big fat fucking fun that was! NOT!!!

Pilings poured and cured. House stabilized and repaired. We are now ready to actually build the deck.


(to be continued…)


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