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The Literary Canker Sore

Posted by Daniel on Friday, July 28, 2006

If ever there were a time I was sick of the media, now would probably be it. The pandering and coddling going on these days just to get the interview is sickening. What ever happened to asking the hard questions and demanding the honest answers?

Republicans blame the New York Times and CBS for leaning too far left. Democrats blame the Wall Street Journal and FOX for hatemongering.

I blame them all. A true journalist with a big shiny pair of investigative balls hasn’t been seen in countless years. Oh, there are a few scattered out there among the lying masses. Folks like Keith Olbermann of “Countdown” on MSNBC and Anderson Cooper of “360” on CNN. I’ll even throw in Rachel Maddow and Randi Rhodes of Air America Radio. All of these people are completely unafraid of going after the liars both in politics and in the media.

The above-mentioned are the ones you’ll never see (or hear) an interview with…say…Bill O’Reilly or George Bush or that lying skank Ann Coulter.

Speaking of that cross-legged yeast bag, this brings me to my utter disgust with the media of late.

Why is it that any time that slinky dress wearing cockroach is being interviewed, that person doing the interview see’s it necessary to compliment her on her looks? “Oh by the way, did I mention how utterly fantastic you look?” Chris Matthews of “Hardball” on MSNBC today actually said, “Welcome back to Hardball. With us is the ever-gorgeous Ann Coulter…”

Who gives a fuck about how she looks?! Why aren’t you asking her to provide actual hard evidence to back up all the supposed ‘facts’ in her latest book? Why is she always getting a pass when the questions get too hairy for her?

Okay…breathe in…breathe out. Calming soothing Suzanne Ciani music playing in the background.


Today, I was stupidly watching Chris Matthews’ interview with the vampiric Ann Coulter. I know better than that. Steve always tells me not to watch her because I get so fucking worked up.

Among the gems vomitted by her was when Matthews asked her to say whether or not she actually believed former President Bill Clinton was, in fact, a homosexual. [she made this claim last night on “The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch”] Apparently, because he loves to have sex with women, her twisted logic tells her that that means he is gay. When pressed on this for an answer today:

Matthews: “Is Bill Clinton a homosexual as you keep pointing out?”

Coulter: “No, I don’t think…Yes, I think the psycological pattern proves…Well, I can’t…I’ll say No. But Al Gore IS definately a faggot.”


So yes, I totally lost it. I have never screamed at a television so viciously as I did today (and I lived in Dallas when we won three Superbowls). I don’t put much past her saying anything hateful. But this bitch used the “F” word. That pulled out some words from me that I have never been even capable of thinking, much less saying. How dare she say the word faggot, never mind the fact that she called someone that name??

The “interview” went on with Matthews asking her about the UN. She made a terse comment about the bombing of the UN outpost in Lebanon being a “nice start” and then followed it up with, “If someone out there listening would wisen up, there would be a similar story about the building on 42nd Street”. (she was referring to the UN building on 42nd Street)
Last night on “The Big Idea”, she maintained that all of the Muslim world should, “…be turned into a parking lot…”

Flames!! Flames shooting from the sides of my face!! There wasn’t an object near me that I didn’t want to hurl at her putrid image on the TV.

If you ever have the displeasure of watching her interview, pay close attention to her exact words. Any time someone had a question that warranted her providing actual proof of any of her claims, she spouts off about how it’s all in her book. “It’s in my book. I’ve laid it out so that any breathing pond scum – which means liberal – can read it. Read my books. Go buy my book. You can read, can’t you? Oh, you’re a liberal? Well then, you should start off with something easy and fictional. Perhaps the New York Times.”

What gets me (among all the disgustingly obvious things about her) is that as much as she loves to rag on the New York Times as the medium of traitors, she never fails to mention, “I have five bestselling books on the New York Times Best-Seller List!!”

She’s as fake as her jewelry. And looks twice as cheap!!

A question asked by an audience member:

Q: “What will it take for Israel and Hizbu’llah to come to a ceasefire?”

A: “Read my book. Liberals are about being goddless.”

Q: “That wasn’t my question.”

A: “See what I mean? Liberals are never ever happy unless they’re complaining.”

There is no end to mANNgina’s lies.

By the way, have you ever noticed that in every interview, she sits cross-legged? Ever wonder why?

Perhaps this might clear things up…


2 Responses to “The Literary Canker Sore”

  1. Kathy said

    Did you happen to see the rebuttal on Letterman tonight – He said Clinton told her he was gay so he wouldn’t have to sleep with her evil skanky ass. LOL!!!

  2. Funny…true, but funny.

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