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Do children interact with other children any longer?

Posted by beaminscott on Sunday, July 30, 2006

I remember growing up (this would have been 1974 to 1980) in a neighborhood where there were many other kids my age (or at least within a few years).  I knew them all and my folks knew their parents.  It really was the neighborhood as a whole that raised us and watched out for us.

I remember, the Dorman’s had the “neighborhood” pool, the Cole’s had the “neighborhood” football field, the James’s had the “neighborhood” basket ball goal, and we had the “neighborhood” swing set/jungle gym/club house/sand box.  My dad was in construction so everything made out of wood popped up in our yard.  And at any time one of 15 mothers could look out their door and knew where we were whether it was on skate boards, bikes, or our own two feet.

I believe everyone, and I mean everyone…about 40 kids in all, are doing fantastic and are productive members of society.  Let’s see if anyone can say that about 40 children from the same neighborhood from 1990 forward.I look out my back door this evening to the yard just to the south and I see a swing set, a trampoline, and a fort.  Then I look to the yard just to the south/west and I see another swing set, trampoline, and play house.  And again, I look the yard just to the west and the same three items can be seen.

These three yards all shares a common piece of fence yet that appears to be the end of the sharing.  Is it the legal implications that home owners take on today or is it no longer possible for a parent to look out for any child that isn’t their own?  Not only is this confusing to me, it’s ugly as hell to look out my back door and see all this crap duplicated in every yard.  One trampoline is bad enough…but three in plain view without even turning your head.

Can’t anyone play nice together any longer?  Parent to parent or child to child.


One Response to “Do children interact with other children any longer?”

  1. I know what you’re saying. Everyone seems so concerned of the underlying liability of someone’s kid falling and scrapin a knee in others’ backyards. They’re scared of the lawsuit they just know will come.

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