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The Literary Canker Sore – Part 2

Posted by Daniel on Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Wow.  This is wierd.  I’m going to fulfill the requests of many emailers.  It seems many readers were not satisfied with the tidbit of video I posted regarding Ann Coulter’s (fucking bitch) “Octopussoui” as the reason she sits cross-legged.

So, by popular demand (and after much searching), I’ve managed to find the episode of Drawn Together where more is revealed.  It’s shown in two videos, so enjoy.




A special note for those who wrote but didn’t understand the relevance of a Drawn Together clip in reference to Ann Coulter (the stank ho).

I hate that cooze bucket with the power of 1000 suns.  Mostly because she is as fake as the Donna Karan knock-off’s she wears.

Mainly though, I mock the intellectual sinkhole that she is because she uses the first amendment when, and I quote her, “It’s convenient for me.”  So, by that logic, I can get away with calling her a lying she-male who is less charming than Charles Manson and less witty than Bill O’Reilly. (who I hate with the power of 2000 suns!)

So enjoy the vids (which I plagerized…just like that used tampon, Ann, is famous for).

And as for you, Ann — Fuck off!  I know that was your “people” writing the hate letter.


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