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Caution: Gay Construction Ahead – Part 4 – Deck The Howls

Posted by Daniel on Thursday, August 3, 2006

It is a commonly known fact that when you start something, there needs to be a plan. Especially on how to finish. Sort of like an “Exit Strategy”.

When Steve and I began working on building a new deck, it seemed like a good idea. I mean, how hard could it be, right?

Another thing you have to take into consideration is the weather.

It’s fucking HOT outside!!!

Now, I’m very aware of the fact that people have lost their lives during this recent heat wave, and I really do feel for them. Which is all the more reason Steve has been so insistant about me working outside. Yesterday, it was, again +100 degrees and there is still so much to get done.

As I’ve mentioned before, there are so many projects that we are trying to finish up in time for our fifth anniversary (Sept. 4th), which also happens to be my birthday (hint-hint). And if there’s one thing you just don’t do, it’s mess up an anniversary!

So we’ve got all this work to do.

And it’s fucking HOT outside!!

For those who’ve asked, the following is a list of ongoing projects, their status and the injuries incurred (so far):

  • Deck – Ready for flooring, railing and stairs – one saw-into-leg, two smashed fingers, three banged heads, six cuts and an ass-load of splinters.
  • Brick Patio – 2/3 done – (on hold for deck) – one brutally smashed pointing-finger, two gruesome blood blisters, three broken bricks and a family of smashed moles. (they made a home under a pile of bricks and sand…what, they’ve never heard of gravity and physics??)
  • Greenhouse – Ready for skirting, insulation and electrical & water hook-up’s – one pissed-off queen because of the missing part, three dead palms (it’s so fucking hot!!) and a billion dead lady bugs baked to perfection (you picked the wrong place to congregate, girls!!).
  • New Windows – Installed – Two very happy ‘Mo’s.
  • New Carpeting – Installed – Two very frayed nerves when installers almost lost our precious cat, Anistasia “Get Out Of There” Beaverhausen, by leaving the doors open.
  • Family Room – Tiling and paint almost finished – a very frightened Anistasia “Get Out Of There” Beaverhausen has now found oodles of new hiding places from which to throw the Daddy’s into panicky hysterics.

Obviously, there is still much to be done before the big anniversary bash. This house is a wreck, but a ‘presentable’ one, thanks to Steve. Seriously, I’m utterly useless inside the house.

Oh, and I was asked when pictures of this project-zilla will be posted. Soon, my pets, soon. You see, we don’t have a digital camera (yeah, we’re so fucking ’80s) because the last one wanted to heat up a lot.

So we’re sort of depending on the tried and true disposables from Wal Mart. You know, the ones that take a year to finish up and a century to get back from developing. But we’ll get some on here (top of page as a tab that will be called Our Big Deck)…promise.

Stay Tuned, Puppets…Part 5 will be coming soon…


One Response to “Caution: Gay Construction Ahead – Part 4 – Deck The Howls”

  1. Christina said

    Very nice summary. I shall be patient about the pics though it all sounds like it will look so good in the end! Tell Steve that my blogsite is now perfect :->

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