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A Revel-ation

Posted by revelkc on Wednesday, August 9, 2006

:::The Following Is A Post Written By ‘REVEL’ (Steve):::

An Open Letter to all So Called Christians

I don’t keep up with The Tempest’s emails like Daniel does, he tells me about them in general and some noteworthy with more specifics. I know a lot of people read the blog, and there is a lot of warmth, support, good humor, and praise to be had all around. I, too, agree that faith in the goodness of people is (more or less) well founded. I have a spiritual belief in a power that transcends boundaries we humans would place on it, that pervades everyone and everything in the universe. For the label-obsessed, I most closely resemble a Wiccan. And please don’t get me started on the feeble-minded misconceptions about all things magickal. That’s a whole “nuther kettle o’fish”. So I want to address, personally, those of you so-called “Christians” out there showing what I am sure you have twisted around in your minds as “Christian care and concern.”, telling Tempest, and by association myself, of our eternal fate based on your twisted belief system.

You are deluded, sad, and pathetic. You are no more a Christian than those embryonic cells you fight so vehemently to protect, while on the other hand, turning your back on the wholesale slaughter of peoples American, Arabic and African as well. I was brought up Christian, but I know this faith is not for me, at least not the variety (Southern Baptist) that I knew. But Christianity, TRUE Christianity, based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, have very little to do with the things you say, do, and email. True Christianity values love (remember, “The greatest of these is love?”) above all else. Your desires for molding everyone in your twisted version of Christianity are hideous and devoid of anything even close to love.

And speaking from my spiritual viewpoint, you have obviously been ignoring something that everyone’s version of The Goddess has endowed them with…YOUR BRAIN. Your brain allows you the logic process. The logic process should lead you through what’s known as logical conclusions. Take gay marriage for instance. The hullabaloo by the right wing fringe is that gay marriage will undermine the family and traditional marriage as we know it.

BULLSHIT. If I marry my life partner of nearly five years, I can no more undermine the marriage of either of our very supportive heterosexual neighbors’ marriages, any more than moving in next to them has undermined my relationship. By the way, do you ever even BOTHER to see things from “the other side of the fence”? Have you any INKLING of what it’s like to have religious prejudice used against you? No, in your smug little Faux News Christian Network I doubt you have. And as for children and the family, you can quote as many Dobsons or Falwells as you want to, but gay parents are among some of the most loving, capable and supportive on the planet. And they teach their children not to close their minds, but to keep their minds and their hearts open. Both of those things, in people like you, are shut tight and unlikely to see the light of day.

There are true Christians out there. I know them personally. While we may have our disagreements, they are respectful people who DO try and see the other side of things, not close their minds and hide behind the edicts of the

evangelical right. They truly do ask themselves “what would Jesus do”, not just wear WWJD on a neck chain or bracelet.

So I will make a deal with you: save your insipid emails telling us we’re going to Hell, and I will spare you the history of how Satan (modeled after the Pagan God of Nature, Pan) and Hell were manufactured in order to convert the “heathen” pagans. And remember, since fear is born of ignorance, you don’t need to be scared stupid.


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