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Caution: Gay Construction Ahead – Part 5 – Ta Daaaaaaa!

Posted by Daniel on Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I am so happy to be able to announce the new deck is now officially done. I banged the last nail, drove the last screw and sawed the last plank at 6:15 PM yesterday.

I took plenty of pictures (again, on our cheapo Wal Mart camera) and they WILL be posted on the top tab “Our Big Deck” ASAP.


By that time, Steve came home from work and saw that I was obviously bone tired. But what did he see me doing? Sweating like a French whore on nickle night from all the labor? Nooooooooo…


Yes, I was so proud of what was accomplished that I just couldn’t resist setting the tables, chairs, bistro set and plants so that Steve would see how nice it looks. I haven’t put the fountains or the statues out there yet, but obviously there is still much to decorate.

Before the decorating began, however, there was the matter of the mess to clean up that has accumulated over the last six weeks. Just the sawdust alone could fill up three large Prada bags.

Bear in mind I was flying solo on this project yesterday and, because my magic wand was at the cleaners, had to finish this project with my own little hands.

My hands!!

My perpetually soft and delicate man-hands!!

Just look at them now! They look rougher than Whitney Houston!

The smashed fingers, the cuts from all the new fancy schmancy tools, the fingernails that look like I get a manicure at the local saw mill. And, yes, I see a callus. Eeewww. They look so…straight. It’s going to take a keg of moisturizer to bring these hands back to life.

Oh well, I guess that will have to wait. There’s still so much to get done in the next two weeks. I’ll just have to keep the testosterone flowing if I want to get the current projects finished in time.

I really have to thank Ric and Scott for all of their monumental help on this project. It was such a time-consuming and physically difficult job. They not only threw in an incredible amount of labor, but they taught me so much, especially how to use those tool thingies. You guys were so patient with me. Thanks oodles!! I was serious about having a little bronze plaque with your names made and placed in just the right spot…where everyone sits. 😈

So let’s see where we are now on our project list…

1) Tear down old deck…CHECK

2) Build new larger deck…CHECK

Now we just need to finish the downstairs family room, fix up outside the kitchen bay window (where part of the old deck used to be), clean and paint the concrete patio, finish the brick mosaic patio, paint the front porch wrought iron and storm door…

“Honey, can you write a CHECK…?”

Stay tuned…more to come…


2 Responses to “Caution: Gay Construction Ahead – Part 5 – Ta Daaaaaaa!”

  1. Scott said

    Get your copyright on that post spacer as without it we probably would still be measureing the spaces between the 300 (okay, maybe not that much, 290) railing posts. Oh, and by the way, GET A NEW LADDER!

  2. You’re right. When Ric saw the post spacers I made, he also said I should patent them. As for the ladder, as much as I’d love to get a new one, you know how Steve hates letting go of ANYTHING. 🙂

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