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It’s Not What You got…It’s How You Lose It

Posted by Daniel on Friday, August 25, 2006

On a daily basis, I keep hearing Republicans spouting off about how ‘safe’ this country is because they have all the power (for now).

“If the Democrat party gains the majority in Washington, this war on terror will spiral out of control.”


“The Democrats are weak on defense and the party of ‘cut and run’.”

Here’s one of my favorites…

“If you elect Democrats in November, the terrorists will bring their war back into America, because Democrats know nothing about securing this nation.”

These are just some of the soundbites I hear on the news, during interviews and speeches, and especially all over the blogosphere. And they are lies…all lies. I don’t want to hear their funky explaination about how this is a proven fact. It isn’t.

There isn’t a single SANE politician out there that would simply allow an attack to occur and who wouldn’t defend this country to the very end. THAT, my friends, is a fact.

The problem these days is that there are just too many politicians – on both sides of the isle – who know how to rally the scary lies to the scary crazy people out there. The folks who truly believe it when a politician tells them God wants their vote, and the Dempcrats don’t believe in God.

Personally, I think one big problem with the Democratic Party is that too many of them DO believe in God (or like Republicans, just say they do for a vote). It’s the worst kind of pandering.

Presently, it looks as if the Democrats may – just may – regain the majority on the House and quite possibly, the Senate. As a Democrat, I really want this to happen, for the “Checks & Balances” part, if nothing else. My only fear is that if the majority does swing in their favor, the Democratic majority will spend the next couple of years doing nothing but trying to topple the idiot in the Whitehouse.

My advice, ignore him and focus your efforts on repairing this country. Leave Bush and his self-imploding administration to hang themselves, because they do a much better job of it on their own. They need no help from you.

As for the Republicans currently in office, as well as those with plans to run for higher office, America is telling you in a very loud voice, “Practice what you preach. You’re going to need to pray to keep your jobs in 73 days.”

The bottom line is that you can sum up the current Republican Party in one word:


The past 5 years have litterally seen the rich get MUCH richer and the poor get tossed aside, especially in the wake of Katrina.

By the way Bush, stop touting the fact that your administration has approved $100 million for Katrina relief. The words don’t mean shit since the money hasn’t reached the state or local areas. Stop insnuating the money is there and the Govenor and Mayor haven’t acted. That is a bald-faced lie. They are still waiting for that money.

This is yet another example of what American’s are no longer buying. It doesn’t matter how you pretty-up the words to suit whatever crowd you’re lying speaking to, people are finally starting to see your words for what they are…

Don’t get me wrong, I think my own party is really fucked up, too. They have their media savvy attack dogs out there (just like the Republicans) testing the political waters to see what key words work best and where. Meanwhile, the actual candidates and those “thinking” of running (yeah, right…piss or get off the pot, Hillary!!) can stand back so as not to dirty themselves on whatever fallout may occur. Senator George Allen should have used this strategy. Macaka. What an idiot!!!

Yeah…yeah…I know. I’m just another one of those loud mouth Bush-hating angry godless liberals. Every word of that is quite true. But let’s break those words down, shall we?

Loud: Marked by intensity.

Mouth: Speak.

Bush: (1)Rough uncleared country. (2)Fucking Idiot.

Hating: To Find distasteful or to loathe.

Angry: Indignant.

Godless: Not acknowledging a diety or devine law.

Liberal: Not narrow in opinion or judgement. (3)Tolerant.


Sources: 1=The New Merriam-Webster Dictionary/3=Wikipedia/2=My Honest Opinion.

Republicans think I’m full of shit. I think they are dillusional lying hypocritical greedy zealots. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Is there even such a thing? At this point it doesn’t seem to matter. This is especially true in politics. One thing is certain, after being led astray with lies for the past five years, the people (you remember them, don’t you Mr. President?) will vote for a change. It’s time for their “mandate”.

Leadership will change hands this November 7th. In effect, it’s really a matter of voting for the lesser of two evils. Based on the past five years, I’ll take the Democrats any day.

Just remember, someone bigger than all of us is watching…

…and she is pissed!!!


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