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Getting Our Gay Back On

Posted by Daniel on Sunday, September 10, 2006

Curt – Tom – Deschner – Steve – Me (the little one in white) & Todd

Okay, this picture appears a little grainy, however, consider the fact that we all had a bit too much ‘grain’ in us at the time. One of many pictures from the 5th Anniversary/…ty …rd Birthday Party.

We’ve scanned (finally) the pictures both from the party and the new deck and posted them on the TABS titled “Our Big Deck” and “Our Images”.

Be kind in the critiques. 😉

By the way, Party Hags, Steve and I are very happy to be back in the deep end with you all.


One Response to “Getting Our Gay Back On”

  1. RevelKC said

    Tall boys to the back…ain’t it always the way! We need another one with Toddy, he’s half out of the frame.

    My special thanks to everyone who “made” the party…(I am working on actual thank you cards as we speak, we do our etiquette “old school”!): My brother (who’s help was invaluable on the deck project and is now being repaid in wood, supplies, and good karma), our neighbors Mary and Rick (who we are happy haven’t moved yet but we hope for the best for them in the job/housing future) for suppling needed extra chairs and John and Margie for stopping by and being great in general, Patty for taking charge of the grilling and getting me to actually grill, simultaneously jeopardizing my gay card privileges and giving me that adrenaline rush from danger-cooking, the “boys” for showing up and charming the pants (well, almost) off everyone, Scotty for all his help and for getting the lights and stereo wired, despite weathering getting wood chunks in his eye (glad you’re ok!), my many family members who showed up and our wonderful neighbors and friends.

    Also thanks to all the people who shared well wishes and support on The Tempest. It does the heart good to know there are so many wonderful people out there.

    Rock on, my children….

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