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Put Up Or Shut Up

Posted by Daniel on Wednesday, September 13, 2006

State comunicando fuori il vostro asino perché la vostra testa sa più meglio.

It’s funny how some old sayings seem fresh and new today. It means, “You’re talking out your ass because your head knows better”.

Another good one is, metta i vostri soldi in cui la vostra bocca è, or “put your money where your mouth is”.

I’m referring to all of the “talking heads” out there who are so in-the-know and over our heads on the issues facing our country these days. It seems that no matter what questions you ask them or issues you confront them with (i.e. Iraq, Katrina, Iran, Minimum Wage, Immigration, etc.) they seem to have all the answers.

Oh, they won’t tell you the answers. Hell no. The only answer you can squeeze out of these assholes is :………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

“Read my book.”

“It’s all laid out in my book.”

“I’ve answered that and much more in my new book, due out next week.”

It seems everyone is an expert on everything these days and they are all pawning off their books to us rather than answering a question directly.

Then, when you actually buy their shitty books, and have the stomach to read it (without throwing up), not only do they NOT answer the question, they make up a thousand lies to explain why they have no answers. Then they tell you who to blame for it.

Usually it’s the Clintons or Liberals or gays or the New York Times or cats.

I am, of course, referring to Ann Coulter, Candice Jackson, David Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and even those guys (Jerry Jenkins & Tim LaHaye) who wrote that awful series, “Left Behind”.

Obviously there are many more I could list here, but there are just too many fucking hateful so-called writers and I don’t have the time.

Of those I’ve mentioned, it seems they have nothing good to say about many things…especially Americans.

“Clintons don’t support our troops.”
“Liberals hate America and don’t support our troops.”
“Gays suck and they don’t support our troops.”
“The New York Times is biased against Republicans and they don’t support our troops.”
“Cats spend all day licking their own asses and that makes me jealous, oh and they don’t support our troops.”

I know the Clintons are strong enough to weather the shit you throw at them on a daily basis. That’s why I love them. And they do support our troops.

Liberals are, I think, looking like they’re starting to grow a pair and standing up to the fucking assholes (including the head rectum) in the whitehouse. Liberals do, in fact, support our troops. The Assholes in the whitehouse use our troops as cannon fodder.

Me personally (and I’ll speak for all gays here), I say, “Bring it on.” You’ve got some nerve calling me a “Sodomite” when you spend your entire life walking around with a stick up your ass. I do support our troops, even though I’m not allowed by law to be one.

The New York Times seems to be a very large thorn in your side, although you take every opportunity to mention the fact that your new book is “#1 on the New York Times Bestseller List”. That makes you an ever bigger hypocrite. The Times supports our troops by exercising one of the rights and freedoms the troops are fighting for.

Don’t be hatin’ on cats. After all, you’re living with your head up your ass, too. Were it not for the lack of opposable thumbs, they, too, would support our troops. And they, unlike you, would have the balls to actually fight, rather than just stand there on the sidelines bitching.

I have a question/suggestion to all those so-called journalists, commentators and authors out there who have all the answers and know what supporting the troops really means:

Why the fuck aren’t you donating any or all of the proceeds from your books and interviews to the troops? You seem to have no compunctions about making money writing about them. What better way to show them your support than with the money to better protect themselves.



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