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Waking Up In Another Country

Posted by Daniel on Thursday, September 28, 2006

When I got out of bed this morning it was just another day. Another day closer to the weekend. Coffee brewing…cats fed and their toys and hairballs picked up…shower and pills taken. Just another day in paradise.

Or so I thought.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.No, today it appears I woke up in a different country…a different time. A republic in crisis.

Barring some miracle by the Democrats today (filibuster), congress will pass a bill [Bushs’ Anti-Terror Plan] that officially makes this country a rogue state.

Yesterdays mostly party-line 253-168 vote in the Republican-run House came shortly after senators agreed to limit debate on their own nearly identical bill, all but assuring its passage today. House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) all but dared Democrats to vote against the legislation.

Will my Democrat friends work with Republicans to give the president the tools he needs to continue to stop terrorist attacks before they happen, or will they vote to force him to fight the terrorists with one arm tied behind his back?” Boehner asked before members cast their ballots.

Democrats opposed the bill by about a 5-to-1 margin, with many wanting to tone down the powers it would give the president and the limits it would impose on terror-war suspects’ abilities to defend themselves during trials.

It should be pointed out that 34 Democrats voted in favor of this bill. These spineless representatives should be held accountable…even if it means voting them out of office. It’s just another example of politicians not voting their conscience, but instead voting against themselves losing a battle.

For a complete roll call on who voted “Ayes” or “Noes”, see here.

Democrat or Republican, I’m against you if pandering is more important to you than standing up for what you believe…even if it means losing your job.

This vote, and the upcoming Senate vote, will change forever the fundmental nature of this country. Over the past 5+ years, the current administration – with the obedience of congress – has whittled away the very foundation of what is arguably the most important document that ever existed…the Constitution.

As I said earlier, barring the Democrats growing a pair of balls in the last minute, a simular bill will pass today in the Senate. From there, the two houses hammer out an agreement, write the final version up, and send it up to the White House for President Shit-For-Brains’ paw print.

There will be much pomp and circumstance for this signing, and it will serve to show just how stupid Democrats are…they allowed such a thing to happen without a real fight.

Our only hope of stopping this scary slippery slide we’re taking into fascism is for the Supreme Court to strike this down as unconstitutional. However, since the court is now under the thumb of the administration, this is also unlikely to happen.

So, back to the beginning. When I woke up this morning, all was well. The Republican party was imploding, Bush was tanking, and the Democrats were finally standing up as the party I used to be proud of.

Or am I still asleep, and all of this is just a bad dream?


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