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Botox For The Blog

Posted by Daniel on Saturday, October 7, 2006

Pardon us while we play with our…um…banner. Yeah, that’s it. Banner.

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback recently asking why a site called “The Tempest” doesn’t have a more ‘flashy’ look to it.

A good question…if not a tad on the fucking nosey side. (seriously…do I email you about your shortcomings?)

Be that as it may, I’m nothing if not open to constructive criticism. (just don’t abuse the opportunities…n’est ce pas?)

With that in mind, I submit what is, thus far, my first attempt. What do you think…?







2 Responses to “Botox For The Blog”

  1. RevelKC said

    Does the New York Times have pictures of clocks and watches all over it? Does Raw Story have…pictures of raw meat? Is the Daily Kos smattered with different calendar days? Does the Huffington Post front page feature…people in a “huff”(ington)? No, I say, it does not!!!

    (You just made up that feedback thing didn’t you. Any excuse to redecorate….)

  2. Scott said

    Is there something or someone hanging on that seconds T?

    All jokes aside, I think it’s LOVELY. ttfn

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