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It’s A Very Big Deal Indeed

Posted by revelkc on Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The following is my response to a post written by someone who is clearly confused. See here for the original post.

I have to admit, Captain Cox, that you wrote a nice piece here. I would be curious to see, though, if you would compile the matching top 10 Republican sex scandals, but I suppose that is neither here nor there. And it would be harder to do. Let me explain.

The “Party of Corruption” moniker that currently and, IMHO, fittingly hangs around the collective neocon neck has less to do with sex and more to do with money and power. Both parties have always played to their strengths, which makes sense. The Democrats practically wrote the book on Dirty Sex Scandals. They have been horndogs for years, with the exception of Jimmy Carter who only sinned within his heart. (Or so I believe…only Jimmy knows for sure. Thankfully, we don’t have to vouch for Billy.) The Republicans, for years now dominated by the Evangelicals, really stand no chance in the sex-it-up contest. And when they do put forth a champion, you guessed it: it’s a poor repressed sister like Mark Foley. And as Tony Snow so adeptly put it, all that comes out are some “naughty emails”. A big mess ensues, with wall to wall 24 hour cable coverage, only interrupted by a passing nod to Bob Woodward’s book or possible nuclear annihilation from North Korea–or, at the very least nuclear annoyance. Hmm, maybe we SHOULD have had a more hands on policy with North Korea…sorry, I digress….:-)

This brings me back to the loyal opposition or, what I term the “Republicans who haven’t joined the evangelical lemming parade over the cliff”. While the Democrats were skirt (and pants) chasing, the Republicans perfected the money and power game. Beltway Monopoly. The Party of Corruption, I feel, pertains a lot more to the LONG list of infractions, both of the legal and the ethical variety, that have plagued the Republican party during this administration. I feel this has proliferated because the Republicans control the White House, the Senate, and the House (and we could arguably add the Judicial Branch) without even a whiff of oversight. I liken it to the kid in the candy store–It’s not that Mom isn’t looking, but that she’s down the street getting her nails done. So the kid runs amok, taking more and more and more with nothing to stop him. Anyone who cares to can sum it up with a Google or search of “Republican Scandals 2001 on”, or some variation thereof.

Here’s one list to mull over: On January 13, 2005, Katrina vanden Heuvel posted this list in “The Nation” of the Bush Administration’s Ten Most Outrageous Scandals thus far uncovered by government investigators:

• Halliburton’s Corruption
• Iraq’s Decline
• Abu Ghraib Prison Torture
• CIA Pre-9/11 Intelligence Failures
• HHS Deceptive Ad Campaign
• HHS Scully Scandal
• Government-wide Accounting Problems
• Sex Education Misinformation
• CAPPS II Failures
• Real Costs of the Iraq War

That’s just her top 10…in 2005! I bet she could really get on a roll if she wanted to! And according to Katrina, only one scandal even has sex in the title, and then it’s Sex Education.They play to their strengths. And think what would happen if the current investigations actually had any consequence. We’re talking some serious drama. Oh well, maybe in a couple of months….:-)

The biggest problem I see for the Republicans is their apparent complete incapability of admitting they do anything wrong at all. Hubris maximus. We have gone full steam ahead for almost six years now on the gut instincts of one man. Your opinion of the result of that propulsion depends largely on whether you view him as a great leader or “Dear Leader”.

But personally to you, I wholeheartedly agree with your last paragraph. Mr. Foley took something initially gross and distasteful and shoved it right into the pathetic zone. So, kudos for that, Captain! Just remember, the old saying is tried and true….Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So if the polls are to be believed even in the slightest, we should be able to start a new Corruption Watch in a little less than a month, right?


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