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Point A Finger, Three Point Back At You

Posted by revelkc on Thursday, October 12, 2006

The good Captain (Cox, that is) spotlights and ad that the GOP backed away from because “the GOP didn’t have the balls.” As Jon Stewart would say..wuh wuh wuh whaaaaaaaaat? (I mean really, how do you lose something THAT LARGE?)

Here’s the ad and CC’s observations:

Seriously…6 years into the Bush Administration, and the best conservatives can do is point fingers backwards to pre 2001? Did the Clinton Administration, including Ms. Albright, make mistakes? Certainly, as President Clinton has admitted recently on TV (in particular regarding Osama Bin Laden…remember him?).

I would have much more empathy for the conservative cause if just once I would see them own up to even an ounce of responsibility for the state of affairs we find ourselves in.

A famous moment of the 2004 campaign came when President Bush was asked if he had made any mistakes, and it took him until this year to admit to the one mistake he had made…in his tough talk language that may have put some people off. Yes, “Wanted Dead or Alive” probably should have been left to the spaghetti westerns. But once a cowboy wannabe, always a cowboy wannabe, right Mr President?

Now we have John McCain (you wanna talk flip floppers? how many times has he done a piroutte and back flip since they trashed him in the 2000 primaries?) laying the state of CURRENT affairs with North Korea on a Secretary of State who hasn’t been in office in SIX YEARS.

I realize solid diplomatic footing does not happen overnight. I also realize for our country to ever hope to inch back towards credibility with everyone else we share the planet with, this administration, as it heads towards it’s twilight, (thank GOD!) has to stop whining and stamping it’s feet and blaming everyone else but themselves.

We’re supposed to trust the Republicans with keeping us safer, with the ability to handle the tough security issues? Is this how ANYONE handles ANY job they’re given, by saying the person before him or her screwed up, what am I supposed to do with the problem NOW?

I seriously believe this simple fact more than anything else- more than scandals, more than Iraq fatigue, more than an adminstration that slices and dices the Bill of Rights and The Constitution while rebuking anyone who would even DARE to question them with the label of “weak” and “terrorist coddler”- THIS is why the polls show bad news for the Grand Old Pass-the-Bucks. People see no accountability or responsibility.

Maybe this is why they couldn’t run such an unabashedly galling ad. Because they simply couldn’t find a way to blame it on the Democrats.


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