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Thank You NeoCon Men

Posted by Daniel on Friday, October 13, 2006

To think that only one year ago I was working with a campaign for a candidate who, at the time, stood a snowballs chance in hell of coming within 10% points of the incumbant.  This is not to say my candidate was not qualified or even ready for the congressional seat in question.  Quite the opposite, in fact.

No, the candidate I have been working with is the breath of fresh air desperately needed in Jefferson City right now.  Yes, I said Jefferson City.  Our state capitol is a micro-version of what is eating away at our federal government.  And one does need to instill change at the local level in order to affect the larger body.

The candidate I represent is running against a heavily entrenched state representative who, to date, has never once veered from the neocon talking points.  In fact, to listen to him, as I have done for the past ten years, one would think he had written many pages of the Rove playbook…though I don’t give the incumbant that much credit for intelligence.  

Feeding from the trough of republichrist hatemongering, the incumbant has waved the flag of everything anti-gay, anti-stem cell, everything anti-women’s choice, etc.  And thanks to his religious base, he’s gotten away with it.

Until recently, that is.

An Inside Story of Political Seduction  I am not even referring to the out-next-week book “Tempting Faith” by David Kuo.  Though it will be interesting to see what happens to all of the incumbants after the book’s release.

As a side note:  (And if you’re a republican, conservative, religious, blindly addicted to FOX “news” Channel, etc. you’re really not going to like the following remark.  Mostly because it might seem like just another screaming liberal gloating over the hardships of – and the shameful downfall of – a poor misguided republican with an as-yet unproven addiction for young strapping Page flesh.)


My apologies.  Since 2000 there have just been so very few tangible reasons to let loose like that.

Getting back to my candidates’ much-improved chances of actually unseating the republican incumbant…..


Would somebody please run these commercials…?

Okay.  Okay.  So some of this is a bit dated, but they really run well together, yes?

I’ll be working that much harder for my candidate.  Emboldened by the dumbshits in Washington, Jefferson City…and the king of the dumbasses…G.W.

Two things…first, buy the book mentioned above.  Second, get out there and vote and support overall change both in Washington (to hold that cocky bastard and his cronies accountable) and in your state and local races.



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