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If I’d Known You Were Coming…

Posted by Daniel on Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I’ve always wondered who all these people are that have subscribed to our feed via the many feed listings we have splattered all over the net. There’s anywhere from 60 to 90 of you but I still only see comments and email from the same people. Who are those people, lurking, with one hand on the keyboard…and the other hand…making balloon animals??, sometimes I feel as though I’ve just stepped out of the shower and someone is peering at me through the window. Sheesh! At least let a girl grab a towel to cover the unmentionables!!

Well, it’s your time to shine, peepers, lurkers, stalkers and rubber-neckers! Just pop a comment here. Don’t be shy. Let us know who you are, where you’re from, what you do, why you read, what you like, do these panties make me look fat, whatever.

If you are one of our regulars you can comment, too. If you run a blog as well, I think it would be a great idea to get to know some of your lurkers as well? You might even find some people that live across the street or always go to that Krispy-Kreme you work – study – live at…you never know.


3 Responses to “If I’d Known You Were Coming…”

  1. Christina said

    Well HeLLO! Guess you would consider me a lurker since I have only dropped one comment in all these months of merry reading :-> Steve knows me from Cheers and Jeers. Hi Revelbob! I’m in San Diego. Home of eternal sunshine and the living expenses to go with it. Weeeee.

  2. Well Cheers to you for ponying up the courage to come out of the lurker closet…so to speak.

  3. Addison said

    Sorry about being a lurker recently, but Gary had a stroke and I’ve been living between here and the hospital…he’s finally in the rehab center and should be home a couple of weeks if he works hard.

    BTW, when you got out of the shower, I noticed that it’s time for another Brazilian sugar wax…..sugar.

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