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State of “Independent”s

Posted by Daniel on Thursday, October 19, 2006

Less than three weeks from now, America will go to the polls. The results of this election will, once and for all, show the world whether this country has learned from it’s mistakes…or just become so terribly stupid that we deserve whatever happens to us.

What I mean by this is very simple, the American people, as a whole, have either learned something since and from 9/11…or we have just become a nation of brainwashed pussies.

For the past 5+ years, you have been:

This list can literally go on and on…and I’m more than sure it will grow even more.

So in these times of ill for the GOP and especially all of their candidates running in heated campaigns, what is there for them to run on that they haven’t already promised and not delivered on? What other wedge issue can they possibly throw into the fray as a means of distraction and scaring their base into heading en masse to the polls?

I’ve been watching their campaign commercials with great interest and there are some things that are standing out…more than just their lies.

In their commercials, both radio, and tv, you don’t hear them say, “Please re-elect me to congress.” Gone the way of the do-do is any mention of the fact that they are currently members of Congress. Instead, you hear lines such as, “I’m Jim Talent, and I’m running for the Senate.” Never mind he already is a Senator from my state of Missouri, running against Claire McCaskill.

It’s very obvious that the GOP candidates are running for re-election and away from the coat tails of their brave and fearless leader, GW. They seem to want to appear to be new to the game and a fresh face to the voters out there. Can they possibly think their base is that blind? Are they that sure that the so-called “undecided voters” are that uninformed?

A better question would be, at this point in time, and after everything that has happened in the past 5+ years, is the average voter in this country still that stupid??

To be fair, I have also seen Democratic candidates running ads that seem to shy away from the word ‘Democrat’, and talk more about their “independent” style.

Republicans as well as Democrats are equally and shamelessly cloaking their ads in the thin vail of being ‘independent thinkers’. Once again proving their low opinion of the American voters’ intelligence.

But in the end, can we really lay all of the blame for being so cowardly at their feet alone? Don’t we also share some of the shame for the ‘business-as-usual’ political tactics? After all, at least half of the voters in this country drank the kool-aid in 2000 and 2004. Are we really willing to, once again, cast our votes for those who can and will accomplish nothing but:

  • Make war, not love.
  • Commit adultery and get divorced,while championing a ban on gay marriage.
  • Toss gays out of the military, yet commit shameful recruiting tactics and watch our military numbers dwindle.
  • Tout ‘Christian values’, while stealing from the poor and elderly.
  • Scream about terrorist threats, yet leave the borders and ports unsecured.
  • Brag about tax cuts, while watching the middle class, poor ans elderly suffer.
  • Point out the previous administrations dishonesty, while granting no-bid contracts to their financial backers.
  • Erase any and all traces of foreign diplomacy.
  • Say they’re pro-life, yet stand for the death penalty.
  • Are for the rights of a brain-dead woman, yet hate the idea of stem cell reasearch that could, someday, possible cure that very condition.

I know that last one was a bit of a stretch, but is it really that far out of the rhealm of possibility?

Republican voters have a very big choice ahead of them between now and November 7th. Will it be that they, again, vote with their eyes closed, so long as it’s a Republican their vote goes for? Will they have faith that their Republican Congress and Whitehouse will come around and actually, this time, keep their campaign promises? Or will the voters finally and justly say through their votes, enough.


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