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Dear God

Posted by KatB on Friday, November 3, 2006

About 300 letters, mostly unopened, were discovered off the coast of New Jersey in the Atlantic Ocean. Bill Lacovara, a Ventnor insurance adjuster found the letters while fishing last month. Mr. Lacovara was quoted in the AP articleThis is just a hint of what really happens. How many letters like this all over the world aren’t being opened or answered?

This led me to wonder who exactly did Mr. Lacovara expect to answer God’s letters – his secretary? What kind of answers should these people have received?

Dear Joe,
We read your letter regarding your desire to win the lottery. We regret at this time we are unable to fulfill your request due to your consistent disregard for keeping the commandments. We will be happy to reconsider your request upon appropriate repentance and demonstrable behavioral change.
Peace be with you.

Realistically, these people probably did not expect a tangible answer to their letters, after all, everyone knows God can’t type. Most likely these letters were thrown into the ocean in an attempt to somehow reach God (since he doesn’t have a P.O. Box). That Mr. Lecovara pulled them out of their final resting place and kept them seems to me to be more disrespectful than throwing them in the ocean in the first place.

Mr. Lecovara feels so strongly that these letters need to be read – he has placed the collection for sale on Ebay. Yeah, I’m sure that’ll get God’s attention.


One Response to “Dear God”

  1. RevelKC2 said

    They threw the letters into the ocean? Maybe they weren’t trying to reach “God” but actually “a god” as in Poseidon or Neptune. You can never count out the mythologists entirely.

    If you subscribe to one of the current “one God one Vision” sects, then practically speaking God would have to have a whole division of God, Inc. in charge of answering her mail. Of course they would sign responses with a “God Stamp” of some kind, but they in reality would be sub-gods, not to be confused again with any Pagan God of Subway Restaurants.

    Just a theory….

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