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Posted by revelkc on Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mentioned on my MySpace and I wanted to share it here…

When I actually “blog” (don’t you LOVE the word…very Viking, very POWERFUL, it’s a true I don’t f–k around word), I do it on The Tempest. Admittedly, it’s not that often, but that’s ok..Tempest has plenty to say anyway. Now, my sister (KatB, aka Miz Nomer on MySpace) has joined our blog so now it’s like we have a whole staff. And she’s fast becoming a very knowledgeable “computer guru”. It’s a good blog, you should check it out.

Anyway, I have been off work since Wednesday, adding on to my Veterans Day holiday. (Yoo hoo for the perks of a government job…trust me, it’s offset by the realities of a government job.) I have been accumulating in my brain a series of random notes for my first blog entry here. They have no conjoining theme, and no pretense toward one. And probably the only one to read it will be Tempest himself, so it will just enlighten him that he may not be the only one in the house with intermittent adult ADD. But if you do read this, a suggestion would be to softly hum “Dreams of the Everyday Housewife” by Glen Campbell. For the under 40 crowd, use “The Google” on them internets to check it out. It is a slice of a bygone era with bygone views on women, but for that fact it has historical relevance. OK, it’s corny and I have a weird sense of humor. Here we go:

1. The so called “convenience” of 12 pack “fridge dispenser boxes” of pop. When these came out, the perforation tore easily. For some reason they don’t anymore, and in order to obtain the “convenience”, you have to practice surgical precision to not have them tear to shreds. Someone must pay.

2. We have an ironing board we bought shortly after we began our co-habitating 5 years ago. It’s still in the packaging. Is the wrinkled look still in?

3. Over the course of my life, I think I must have gained and lost the equivalent weight of the Kansas City Chiefs (WOO HOO CHIEFS!!!!!).

4. If you’re under 40, just wait. Eventually you won’t be. And when you’re over 40, it’s like after the shot in the arm is over–“Well, that wasn’t so bad after all.” And as James Garner famously quipped, when asked if he minded getting older: “Considering the alternative, not at all.”

5. I laugh whenever Daniel/Tempest calls me “Babe”. Not that I don’t feel like a “Babe”, but it always reminds me of Deborah Foreman in “My Chauffeur”…”It is BABE, isn’t it?”

6. I just used “The Google” to check on “My Chauffeur”. Deborah Foreman and I are the same age. That’s cool.

7. Cloudy/Rainy days make me want Cinnamon Toast—be right back.

8. mmmmmmmmmm….Cinnamon toast.

9. Karma is real. If you don’t believe me, check out Ken Blackwell or Katherine Harris.
As them how they’re doing lately.

10. Take even a few minutes a day without “input”. Turn off the computer, turn off the TV, turn off all “input”. Your brain and your heart will thank you for it.

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