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How Can It Be Wrong When It’s My Right?

Posted by Daniel on Friday, November 17, 2006

There’s been a lot of chatter in the media regarding the issue of Gay Marriage lately.

I’m clutching the pearls from shock.

I talk a lot about this issue, both here on the blog as well as when I’m out and about. Not that I consider myself to be an activist or anything like that. Though I’m told I have that “in-your-face” attitude when it comes to issues that I’m passionate about.

It never surprises me because this uber-Christian so-called Family Friendly environment is being smeared across America like marmalade on a piece of Puritan toast.

We’re all very familiar with the anti gay marriage arguements…such that they are. Somehow, even though the federal government which espouses certain “unailienable” fiduciary rights onto married people, they can’t seem to seperate the church’s agrguements from the state’s. And why should they? Those religious lobbyists have become entrenched in government by – if you’ll excuse the phrase – sticking so much money into the politicians’ ass as payment for votes.

I’m waiting for the one Senator or Representitive to be the “Murtha” on the issue of gay marriage. I want him/her to stand at that podium and demand religious lobbyists to pull out of Washington’s ass. Or at the very least…re-deploy.

Coat of arms of South AfricaA funny thing happend in South Africa this week…The South African parliament on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved legislation recognizing gay marriages — a first for a continent where homosexuality is largely taboo. South Africa has become the first African nation to give legal recognition to same-sex partnerships. The legislation passed this week was drawn up after the country’s high court ruled that existing marriage legislation discriminated against same-sex couples.

You might be saying. “So…that’s South Africa. What has that got to do with the U.S.?”

Flag of South AfricaNothing, actually. Except for the fact that even in a country as deeply entrenched in religion as SA is, it’s courts are capable of seperating religion from their constitution. It’s a fact that, like the US, South Africa’s population at large is, for the most part, against same-sex marriage. Just as they are still largely against inter-racial marriage. Their courts, however, have spoken. After the summation was read, an aid later added, “A country that desires progress cannot move forward if their lack of tolerance continues to hold them back.”

I do extend buttloads of koodo’s their way for the decision.

Now let me bring you back to the US. Massachusetts, to be exact. Gov. Mitt Romney appeared at a rally Sunday and demanded that lawmakers, who have largely ignored him on the matter, vote on a proposed ballot question that would end same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.

Arline Isaacson of the Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus said Romney used a rally for a lost cause to boost his prospects with conservatives as he weighs a presidential run.

“We’re done. We won. It’s over,” Isaacson said. “No one wants this to continue except for the zealots on the other side and Romney because it helps his race.”

Yet another example of politicians kneeling at the lap of religious leaders in order to pander out some extra votes. In Romney’s case, another reason NOT to vote for him.

Yes, I speak a lot about this issue. It’s one I hold near and dear to my heart…and not simply because Steve and I recently celebrated our 5th anniversary. Don’t get me wrong, I want so very much for he and I to have our union recognized by our government…our supposed last defense against religious persecution.

I also want this for the countless number of gay and lesbian couples who have spent what amounts to a lifetime of partnership…no…fuck that…a lifetime of MARRIAGE! They deserve their right to persue happiness. Through the endless persecution, they’ve earned it. None of us deserve to have our government representatives cram their fake religious dogma down our throats and tell us to accept it because it’s the body of Christ.

And to those of you who’ve written who don’t understand what all the fuss is about, this is because you’re still very young. The concerns shared by us…how did you phrase it?…oh yeah, “Old Queens”…will someday be yours. Sorry to burst your youthful bubbles, but this is an issue you, too, will face someday.

If you’re lucky.


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